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Founded 2004; 13 years ago (2004) in Chemnitz, Saxony
Founder Marian Kretschmer and Sebastian Schwarzbold
Country of origin Germany
Headquarters location Chemnitz
Publication types Comics
Official website

THENEXTART is a German comic book publishing company, that was founded by Marian Kretschmer and Sebastian Schwarzbold in 2004. Its intention is to issue ambitious German comic series. Its biggest production is the comics series Blue Evolution.

The company is managed by Sebastian Schwarzbold and is located in Chemnitz in Saxony.

Titles published[edit]

  • Blue Evolution I-III (Mar. 2004-Sept. 2006) — a series in 6 parts
  • EU charter of human rights (2006) — series of picture postcards sponsored by the European Union
  • Don't fall in love (2007) — art book with soundtrack
  • Justine & Juliette (2007–2008) — erotic sci-fi comic series by the label sbk83
  • Bruchbach Serenade (2007–2008) — satiric comic series
  • Hades Syndrome (Oct. 2007–Oct. 2008) — apocalyptic cyberpunk comic series
  • Outline (Oct. 2007–May 2008) — anthology of comic artists
  • Blue Evolution: LARP (Mar. 2008) — offspring series from Blue Evolution
  • Metall macht Musik (2008)
  • Hausdurchsuchung (2009)
  • Pure Fruit (2011) — anthology of comic artists

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