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This article is about THSR Taichung Station. For TRA Taichung Station, see Taichung Station.
THSR Taichung
Taiwan High Speed Rail
Taiwan HighSpeedRail TaiChung Station 4.JPG
THSR Taichung Station
Location No. 8, Kaotie Pei Rd.[1]
Wuri, Taichung
Operated by
  •      HSR (TAC)
Connections Bus stop
Structure type Elevated
Opened October 24, 2006
Passengers 53,661 daily (2016)[2]
Preceding station   Taiwan High Speed Rail   Following station
toward Nangang
Taiwan High Speed Rail
toward Zuoying
THSR Taichung Station lobby
THSR Taichung Station northbound platforms
THSR Taichung Station front

THSR Taichung Station (Chinese: 高鐵台中站; pinyin: Gāotiě Táizhōng Zhàn) is an elevated station of the Taiwan High Speed Rail located in Wuri District, Taichung City, Taiwan. Transfers can be made to Xinwuri Station on the TRA Western Line. It is currently the only operational high speed rail station in Central Taiwan before any additional stations become operational, making this station the most isolated of all THSR stations. The distance to the north to Hsinchu is 93 km, and south to Chiayi is 85 km.


The station is elevated and has two island platforms. There are a total of 10 exits for the station. It is the farthest station by distance from adjacent stations, going as far south (85.9 km (53.4 mi)) to Chiayi and as far north (93.5 km (58.1 mi)) to Hsinchu.[3]


  • October 24, 2006: The station opened for service.
  • January 5, 2007: The segment from Banciao to Zuoying opens for service. The station becomes a stopping station.

Platform layout[edit]

Taiwan High Speed Rail (Southbound) Toward Chiayi, Tainan, Zuoying
Taiwan High Speed Rail
(Passing tracks)
Taiwan High Speed Rail (Northbound) Toward Hsinchu, Taoyuan, Taipei

Station layout[edit]

3F Platform 1A THSR toward Zuoying (Chiayi)
Island platform
Platform 1B THSR toward Zuoying (Chiayi)
Passing track THSR through service
Passing track THSR through service
Platform 2A THSR toward Taipei (Hsinchu)
Island platform
Platform 2B THSR toward Taipei (Hsinchu)
2F Lobby Entrance/Exit, information desk, tourism counter, shops
Ticketing, automatic ticket machines, faregates, waiting area
Restrooms, nursery
Passageway (with TRA Xinwuri Station)
Street Level Outside Area Parking lot, buses, transfers, taxi stand
Drop-off area

Service routes[edit]

Currently, all high speed rail trains stop at this station, either as a stop or as a terminus.[3]

Around the station[edit]


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Coordinates: 24°6′42.19″N 120°36′57.33″E / 24.1117194°N 120.6159250°E / 24.1117194; 120.6159250