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THSR Tainan
Taiwan High Speed Rail
THSR Tainan 01.JPG
Tainan Station
Location No. 100, Gueiren Blvd[1]
Guiren, Tainan
Operated by
  •      HSR (TNN)
Platforms 2
Connections Bus terminal
Structure type Elevated
Disabled access Yes
Opened November 3, 2006
Passengers 20,109 daily (2016)[2]
Direction sign of TRA platform which is behind ticket barrier in THSR Tainan Station.
There is gateway connected the THSR Tainan Station with Shalun Station.

THSR Tainan Station (高鐵台南站) is a Taiwan High Speed Rail station located in Guiren District, Tainan City, Taiwan. Besides the Shuttle Bus service, passengers can transfer to downtown Tainan and other towns in the greater Tainan area by local train of TRA Shalun Line .


Tainan station was designed by Fei & Cheng Associates and constructed primarily by Shimizu Corporation. The total floor area is 28,708 m2 (309,010 sq ft) and is constructed from steel and reinforced concrete.[3] The station is an elevated structure with two side platforms.

The roof of the station building and the platform are horizontally connected, and an oval-shaped skylight is installed in the center of the station hall.


  • November 3, 2006: Opened for service.
  • January 5, 2007: The segment from Banciao to Zuoying opened for service. Trains begin stopping at Tainan Station.

Platform layout[edit]

4 2A Taiwan High Speed Rail (Southbound) Toward Zuoying
Taiwan High Speed Rail
(Passing tracks)
1 1A Taiwan High Speed Rail (Northbound) Toward Chiayi, Taichung, Taoyuan, Taipei

Station layout[edit]

Side platform
Platform 2 THSR toward Zuoying (Terminus)
Passing track THSR through service
Passing track THSR through service
Platform 1 THSR toward Taipei (Chiayi)
Side platform
2F Connecting Level Ticketing gates, waiting area, infant care room.

The skywalk connected THSR Station with TRA Shalun Station.

Ground Level Lobby Entrance/Exit, ticketing, automatic ticketing machines, restrooms, information desk
Parking lot, transfer station, taxi stand, drop-off area

Shuttle Bus[edit]

The station has a Bus stop located nearby Exit 2.

  • Bus Route[4]
    • 【H31】 HSR Tainan Station ─ Tainan City Hall
    • 【H62】 HSR Tainan Station ─ Chimei Hospital
    • 【R3】 HSR Tainan Station ─ Tainan AirportTRA Tainan Station
    • 【R14】 HSR Tainan Station ─ Downtown GuirenGuanmiao

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Coordinates: 22°55′29.07″N 120°17′8.76″E / 22.9247417°N 120.2857667°E / 22.9247417; 120.2857667