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Texas Instruments TI-55-II.JPG
Type Programmable
Manufacturer Texas Instruments
Introduced 1977
Discontinued 1979
Precision Floating point (within display)
Display type LCD
Display size 8+2
Processor TI TMC1503NL
Power supply battery / cells
Weight 0.18 kg
Dimensions 145*80*33

The TI-55 is a programmable calculator first manufactured by Texas Instruments in 1977. It had an LED display,[1] and weighed 6.4 ounces (180 grams). It was programmable to hold up to 32 key-codes that would allow the user to repeat simple calculations with different values.[2]

TI-55 II[edit]

The TI-55 II with LCD was introduced in 1981, but, like many other Texas Instruments calculators of this time, suffered from serious keyboard reliability problems. Several variants of the TI-55 II exist.

TI-55 III[edit]

The TI-55 III replaced the TI-55 II in the USA in 1986. It featured a redesigned keyboard mechanics, thereby eliminating the common "bouncing keys" fault of prior models. Several variants of the TI-55 III exist.


The TI-56 was a European variant of the TI-55 III manufactured since 1986. It was also offered free of charge in exchange of faulty Texas Instruments calculators of a similar class like the TI-54 in Europe in 1986.