The Plaza Tirana

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The Plaza Tirana
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Plaza Hotel
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Plaza Hotel Location
General information
Type work and living
Location Tirana, Albania
Coordinates 41°19′39″N 19°49′18″E / 41.32750°N 19.82167°E / 41.32750; 19.82167Coordinates: 41°19′39″N 19°49′18″E / 41.32750°N 19.82167°E / 41.32750; 19.82167
Construction started 2009
Top floor 85 m (278.9 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 24 (equivalent)
Lifts/elevators 4
Official Website

The Plaza Tirana is a luxury hotel in Tirana, Albania. It is located on 28 Nëntori Street, near the Skanderbeg Square.

At 85 metres (279 ft) tall, it consists of 24 floors.[1] The design comes from Belgian architectural firm 51N4E, and construction started on 14 January 2007.[2]


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