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TIM-600 was an important PC computer system of the series of the TIM microcomputers, from Mihajlo Pupin Institute-Belgrade, developed 1987-1988 (see ref.Lit. #1, #2 and #6). It was based on the Intel microprocessor types 80386 and 80387. It has word-length of 32 bits, basic cycle time of 20 MHz and operating system Unix V.3 (ref.Lit.#3 and #6). Computer system TIM-600 was exposed at the Munich International Computer Exhibition on September 1988.

Fig.1, TIM designers.

TIM-600 computer system

Fig.2, TIM-600 computer system.

System Specifications[edit]

TIM-600 architecture was based on three system buses(32, 16 and 8-bits respectively). CPU performs 5,000.000 simple operations per second. Primary memory RAM had 8 x 2 MB capacity max. There were the eight TIM terminals or other equipment units max. connected by RS-232C. Centronics types interface used for the line printers. Also, there were possibilities for the connections of two hard disks as well as the magnetic cassettes and diskettes.


TIM-600 uses the programming languages: C++, Fortran, Cobol, Basic and Pascal. Data base management was performed by Informix and Oracle software (ref.Lit #4, #5 and #6).


Computer system TIM-600 was used for business data processing in many offices in Serbia, for example: in public, health, and scientific organizations; for process automation in industrial production; in road traffic control; in some banks; for military and government's services, etc.


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