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Industry Telecommunications
Founded 2002
Headquarters Avenida Infante Santo 2H - 3rd Floor, Lisbon, Portugal
Key people
Diogo Salvi, CEO
Ricardo Carvalho, Managing Partner
Revenue Increase €281 million
Website www.timwe.com

TIMwe is a Portuguese multinational company[1] that offers mobile monetization solutions[vague] for mobile carriers, media groups, governments, brands, marketing & advertising agencies and end-consumers.[2][3] TIMwe operates in 75 countries through 25 local offices.[4]

M-Coin Brand[edit]

M-Coin Brand Logo

On June 30, 2011, TIMwe announced the launch of its carrier billing brand, M-Coin.[5][dead link] M-Coin charges users for making micropayments on the Internet via their mobile phone. The payments are charged to their mobile phone bills by the mobile operators. M-Coin also offers an in-app carrier billing payment interface for featurephone and Android smartphones.[6]

TIMwe and Opera[edit]

In 2013 TIMwe and Opera Software sealed an agreement for a mobile payments Partnership.[7]


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