TI InterActive!

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TI InterActive!
TI-Interactive icon.png
A screenshot of TI InterActive! in Windows XP.
A screenshot of TI InterActive! in Windows XP.
Developer(s) Texas Instruments
Stable release / July 6, 2004; 14 years ago (2004-07-06)
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Type Computer algebra system
License Proprietary
Website education.ti.com

TI InterActive! is a Texas Instruments computer program which combines the functionality of all of the TI graphing calculators with extra features into a text editor which allows you to save equations, graphs, tables, spreadsheets, and text onto a document. TI InterActive! also includes a web browser, but it is just an embedded version of Internet Explorer. It also works with TI Connect to share data with the TI Graphing Calculators.