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Not to be confused with Moorlands Radio, the community radio station in the Staffordshire Moorlands, England.
Today's More Choice Radio - TMCRFM Limited
City Thorne
Broadcast area Doncaster, South Yorkshire.
Branding TMCR FM
Slogan "Today's More Choice Radio"
Frequency 95.3 FM MHz (87.9 used in 2005)
First air date July 2005 (1st RSL), 14 December 2009 (full time)
Format Multi-Genre and Speech
Power 25 watts
Owner Independent Community Radio
Website TMCR new website!

TMCR or Today's More Choice Radio is a community radio station in Thorne, near Doncaster in South Yorkshire.

TMCR was set up as a Restricted Service Licence or 'trial station' to see how it would be received by the communities of Thorne and Moorends. Supported by Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council, and with financial backing through the Neighbourhood Renewal Fund, a four-week period on-air was run from a studio in Thorne. Since starting full-time broadcast, TMCR has become a thriving community radio station going from strength to strength.


TMCR was launched with a 28-day trial broadcast in the summer of 2005 on 87.9 FM. The opening was performed by Ed Miliband MP in his capacity as member for Doncaster North. Preparations were being made to start full-time broadcasts from October 2009 with the main launch date pencilled in as 16 November with a frequency of 95.3 FM. Due to funding issues, this date had to be postponed. A new launch date of Monday 14 December 2009 was decided upon, broadcasts commenced at 9.53 am. Test transmissions were heard on 95.3 FM from 27 November.


In 2005 a temporary studio/office was set up in Thorne town centre. This was used for the short-term broadcast in the summer of that year, then the group moved to their present office in early 2007. Whilst the licence application was being prepared, submitted and achieved, some training sessions were held with local people and students of the Trinity Academy. Due mainly to lack of funding, the studio had been unavailable for long periods of time as much of the work was being done away from the office.

Building to licence application[edit]

An application for a full 5-year licence was submitted to Ofcom in June 2007.[1][2] On 20 December 2007 an announcement was made by OfCom that TMCR was to be offered a five-year community radio licence[3]

In January 2008, the committee registered the group as a company limited by guarantee, TMCRFM Limited no. 6471394, in preparation for the future expansion of the group and the service it will offer. Funding applications made in 2009 were intended to have the station return to the airwaves in October 2009 on a full-time basis. This was deferred to 14 December after last minute funding issues.

The transmitter site has been determined as SE685134, which gives coverage to Thorne, Moorends, Fishlake, Stainforth, Dunscroft, Hatfield and parts of several other local communities. Clearance of 95.3 as the broadcast frequency has been made by OfCom.

Community activity[edit]

Members of the team are appearing at events in the area, such as the annual Thorne Festival and various shows. The station has the remit to promote all local opportunities, events and services that are provided for the benefit of station listeners. This involves working with other community groups in collating information and making on-air announcements.

TMCR have provided PA at many local events during the summer months, appearing at the Thorne Festival, Thorne Regatta, Community As One day, Doncaster Disabled Games, as well as various Sunday afternoons on the bandstand in Thorne Memorial Park.

'Today's More Choice Radio' as TMCR is now known; is very active in the North East of Doncaster and will be here for a long time to come serving the community.


Shows run all week from 7 am until 9 pm. You will be updated about the weather, news, travel, and community news. Music is played throughout the night as well by Sandy the Jukebox. A full listing of the shows and the schedule can be seen on the TMCR website.[4]

The TMCR team[edit]

  • Peter Lee (Station Mangager)
  • Mick Finley (Chairman)
  • Malcolm Ley
  • Ian Roberts
  • Ian James
  • Ryan Keeling
  • Kim B Lee
  • Steve Dinsdale
  • Steve Hanks
  • Dennis Hartley
  • Gary Kelly
  • Mick Hedley
  • Sally Teanby
  • Paul Barrass
  • Nancy Ann Lee

Past members[edit]

  • Gordon Sharpe
  • Robert (Bob) Ashton
  • Sue Mundin
  • Kieth Fox
  • Ian Gilligan
  • Duncan Hedley
  • Craig Headley
  • Claire Hedley
  • Jane Lloyd (Secretary)
  • Brian Fill
  • Lucy Doxey
  • Joshua Bull (Sales/Advertising)
  • Kirsten Martin
  • Michael Tiller (IT Support)
  • Kirsty Bradbury
  • Adrian Slack


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