TNL (political party)

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The New Liberals
LeaderBess Brennan
General SecretarySteve Hopley
PresidentKatharine Kline[1]
FounderVictor Kline
Founded2019; 4 years ago (2019)
Registered3 June 2021
Dissolved28 November 2023
Headquarters53 Martin Place, Sydney, New South Wales
Political positionCentre to centre-left
Colors  Teal
Slogan"Economically responsible. Socially progressive."

TNL, formerly registered as The New Liberals, is an Australian political party formed in 2019. Victor Kline, a barrister from Sydney, was the founder and party leader. As of June 2022, the party president is Katharine Kline and the party leader is Bess Brennan.[1]

The party believes in Modern Monetary Theory,[2] and publishes declarations of political donations they receive.[3]

Foundation and registration[edit]

Victor Kline and three friends founded TNL in response to what they saw as “a government that had apparently mastered the art of bare-faced corruption and an opposition that seemed incapable of calling them out”. Initially, the party was named “The New Liberals”. Kline claimed that the word “liberal” has twisted into a misnomer by the Liberal Party of Australia, and that many moderate disaffected Liberal and ex-Liberal voters are attracted to TNL.[citation needed]

The party's registration was approved by the Australian Electoral Commission on 3 June 2021.[4] The Liberal Party of Australia objected to the registration, due to the similarity in party names and the potential to cause confusion among electors.[5][6] Due to changes to the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 regarding party names, this decision overturned by the Australian Electoral Commission and the party's registration was revoked on 7 December 2021.[7] The party was re-registered again as TNL on 17 March 2022.[8]

The party was de-registered on 28 November 2023.[9]


Some of the party's key policies include:[2]


  • Victor Kline (2019–2022)[16][17]
  • Katharine Kline – president (2022–present)
  • Bess Brennan – party leader (2022–present)[1]

Electoral history[edit]

In the 2020 Eden-Monaro by-election, Karen Porter ran as an Independent under the party banner.[18] Porter received 1.28% of votes, placing 7th out of 14 candidates.[19]

In the 2022 Federal Election, the party endorsed eight candidates for the House of Representatives, in four states. None were successful. The party also endorsed a total of eight candidates for the Senate, two in New South Wales and six in Queensland.[20]

Christian Porter case[edit]

In June 2021, Kline announced that he, along with party candidate and former prosecutor Vania Holt, would be pursuing a private criminal case against Christian Porter over rape allegations he is facing.[21][22]


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