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Publication information
Publisher Malibu Comics
First appearance Strangers #3
Created by Steve Englehart
Rick Hoberg
In-story information
Base(s) Nu-Ware Headquarters San Francisco

In the Ultraverse, TNTNT is an Ultra-Team created by J.D. Hunt using his company, Nu-Ware's wetware technology. J.D. Hunt used the team as his own personal enforcers.

The team originally consisted of:

  • Naiad
  • Neuronne
  • Torso
  • Tugun
  • Tyrannosaur

Fictional Team Biography[edit]

The team also fought the Ultra-heroes The Strangers on more than one occasion. They lost Torso during the murderous rampage of the Ultra-killer Rafferty. He was one of dozens of super-powered victims. After this, they were present at a Nu-Ware facility when two of the team, Grenade and Teknight, dealt with fellow Stranger Electrocute. Her android mind had been reprogrammed to be an agent of Nu-Ware once again. Grenade had thought that he was, with the help of Teknight, able to deal with TNTNT, especially since they had lost Torso. It was only Electrocute that allows the team to defeat and imprison the two heroes.

With the Strangers holding J.D. Hunt, his son makes a trade. Info on where Grenade and the others are in a simple exchange for the location of his father. Spectral and Zip-Zap, the only Strangers left, arrive, swiftly defeat TNTNT and rescue their friends.