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TNT is trinitrotoluene, an explosive chemical compound.

TNT or TnT may also refer to:




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Companies and organizations[edit]

  • ASL Airlines Belgium, a Belgian cargo airline that was formerly named TNT Airways
  • TNT (clothing), an Israeli clothing company
  • Tropang TNT, a Philippine professional basketball team
  • Tamil New Tigers, a militant Tamil organization
  • Terror Against Terror (Hebrew: Terror Neged Terror), a radical Jewish militant organization
  • Mail, express and logistics companies:
    • Thomas Nationwide Transport (later TNT Limited), Australian logistics company taken by KPN in 1996, merged with KPN to form TNT N.V. in 1998
    • PostNL, formerly TNT N.V. until 2011, Dutch mail delivery company
    • TNT Express, international courier delivery services company split from TNT N.V. in 2011
    • Koninklijke TNT Post, formal national postal company in the Netherlands until 2011, a subsidiary of TNT N.V.



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