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TO-263AA front view
TO-263AA back view
3D model of TO-263AA package

The Double Decawatt Package,[1][2] D2PAK, SOT404 or DDPAK, standardized as TO-263,[3] refers to a semiconductor package type intended for surface mounting on circuit boards. The TO-263 is designed by Motorola.[1][2] They are similar to the earlier TO-220-style packages intended for high power dissipation[2][4] but lack the extended metal tab and mounting hole, while representing a larger version of the TO-252, also known as DPAK, SMT package. As with all SMT packages, the pins on a D2PAK are bent to lie against the PCB surface. The TO-263 can have 3 to 7 terminals.[1][2]


Dimensions of the TO-263-3 (TO-263AA) package in mm.[3]


Texas instruments has a smaller version of the TO-263: the TO-263 THIN. The height of the TO-263 THIN is 2mm instead of the standard 4,5mm.[2][5]

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TO-220, through hole version of the TO-263[1][2]


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