TOCA Race Driver 3

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TOCA Race Driver 3
TOCA Race Driver 3 Cover.jpg
Developer(s) Codemasters
Publisher(s) Codemasters
Series TOCA
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, Xbox, PlayStation Portable, OS X
Release Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2 & Xbox
  • NA: 22 February 2006
  • EU: 24 February 2006
  • AU: 13 October 2006
PlayStation Portable
  • EU: 16 February 2007
  • AU: 23 February 2007
  • NA: 24 October 2008
Genre(s) Racing
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer

TOCA Race Driver 3 (DTM Race Driver 3 in Germany, V8 Supercars 3 in Australia, TOCA Race Driver 3 Challenge in the PlayStation Portable version and Race Driver: Create & Race in the Nintendo DS version) is a Racing video game developed and published by Codemasters for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, Xbox, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS and OS X. It is the sixth game in the TOCA series. The game features several fully licensed championships, including the DTM series and V8 Supercar championship. This is the last in the series to have TOCA in its title as following on from this TOCA was dropped in favour of just Race Driver.

It includes 120 Championships and 35 Types of Racing through the Championship in World Tour, Pro Career, and Free Race. Also it has Bonus Championships in different disciplines. They take place largely in the UK and Germany, though many more tracks are unlocked by winning cups in Pro Career, or by setting a lap time record on a course within Pro Career mode. Open wheel, GT, Oval racing, Rallying and Off-road racing were all featured, and can be raced in either a detailed Pro Career mode or an open-ended World Tour.

Online play allows 12 and 8 players on PlayStation 2 and Xbox, respectively. Currently, it is the only racing simulator for PlayStation 2 with an online racing mode. For the PC up to 12 players could race together with the built-in Gamespy Server or by using a LAN. When Gamespy closed in 2014 Online Multiplayer was subsequently made possible using the Free Tunngle Network. The game received good reviews, frequently being compared favorably to Gran Turismo 4 and Forza Motorsport, in the aspects of cars on track, collision and wear damage. Custom tuning of suspension components for handling and gear ratios, and including braking ratio front to rear. A more through tuning setup for a race car was allowable more so then in a driving simulator like Gran Turismo 4, since TOCA Race Driver 3 was a racing simulator.

The game features many real-life competitions, including British GT, DTM, IRL and V8 Supercars, as well as a Vintage series, other GT series, and Rally. The Formula Williams FW27 is the featured car of the Formula 1 series in the game.


The game's single player mode is split into 2 primary modes, "World Tour" and "Pro-Career". In "World Tour", the player progresses through 32 tiers of various disciplines, and the player is coached by a man called "Rick" via the game's cut-scenes (the cut-scenes can be viewed again via the "Extras" menu). "Pro-Career" mode is more detailed, with over 150 cups in which to compete. There is also an online mode in which it is possible to unlock series with the online mode of the game. The game allows, and sometimes requires, pit stops during which cars can get new tires, fuel, and repairs.


TOCA Race Driver 3 features a whole host of circuits from across the globe. Some of the popular circuits among some players include Bathurst and Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca,[citation needed] both being very challenging and exciting race tracks, as well as a few classics, such as Silverstone and Castle Combe, both being built in the immediate post-World War II period, and the famous Donington Park track. There are also 4 oval tracks to choose from, with Indianapolis being the most famous of the group.

World Tour[edit]

The player has to progress through different tiers of championships in this mode. It has 32 different tiers and championships. The player is coached by a man called Rick. The player has to defeat many different rivals in this mode. In each tier, players will only need to complete one championship objective to unlock the next tier. However, if they want to unlock the Honda events (in Pro Career and Free Race), they will need to complete all of the championship objectives in all of the tiers.

Pro career[edit]

Pro Career is a mode where a player has to progress through different championships in the game to unlock other championships in this Mode. If a player wins a cup, they then unlock bonus championships to play in Free Race mode only. If the player gets all 177 cups, they unlock all the bonus championships and bonuses.


The game features a host of 70 licensed race cars, most notably the Williams F1 car from the 2005 season (Williams FW27), as well the full DTM, V8 Supercars and IRL grid from their respective 2005 seasons. However, despite the fact that the game does not offer fully licensed teams in some of their competitions, the game does have licensed cars throughout nearly every championship, with cars such as the Subaru Impreza, from the 4WD GT Championship, 4x4 Rallycross and the Honda NSX, from the Japanese Works Car Cup. Some of the cars in the game are imitations of some Formula One teams cars during that season, such as Team Solar's car in the Formula 3 championship looking like Renault F1's 2005 car, and Osbourne Clark's and Chris Hyman's Palmer Audi cars looking like BAR's and Ferrari's 2005 cars, respectively.


TOCA Race Driver 3 has about 35 types of racing and 120 Championships through World Tour and Pro career. In addition there are roughly 10 Bonus Championships in the Classics discipline, 10 Bonus Championships in The GT discipline, 1 Bonus Championship in the Oval discipline, 7 Bonus Championships in the Touring Car discipline, 5 Bonus Championships in the Off-Road Discipline and about 13 Bonus Championships in the Open Wheel discipline. These Bonus Championships will be unlocked if a player wins a cup in the Pro career, Normal or Hard and having a fast time record. The Championships also have available cars to race in.


Review scores
Publication Score
Edge 8/10[1] 8/10[1] N/A 8/10[1]
EGM N/A 6.5/10[2] N/A 6.5/10[2]
Eurogamer N/A N/A 7/10[3] 9/10[4]
Famitsu N/A 28/40[5] N/A N/A
Game Informer N/A 8.25/10[6] N/A 8.25/10[6]
GamePro N/A 4.5/5 stars[7] N/A 4.5/5 stars[7]
GameSpot 8.5/10[8] 8.5/10[8] N/A 8.5/10[9]
GameSpy N/A 4/5 stars[10] N/A 4/5 stars[10]
IGN 8.7/10[11] 8.7/10[12] N/A 8.7/10[12]
OPM (US) N/A 3/5 stars[13] N/A N/A
OXM (US) N/A N/A N/A 9/10[14]
PC Gamer (US) 70%[15] N/A N/A N/A
The Sydney Morning Herald 4/5 stars[16] 4/5 stars[16] N/A 4/5 stars[16]
Aggregate score
Metacritic 84/100[17] 82/100[18] 76/100[19] 84/100[20]

The game received "generally favorable reviews" on all platforms according to video game review aggregator Metacritic.[17][20][18][19] In Japan, where the PS2 version got a port on January 24, 2008,[21] Famitsu gave it a score of all four sevens for a total of 28 out of 40.[5]

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