There's Only One F in Fulham

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The online version of TOOFIF's logo. The design containing the letters 'TOOFIF' is taken from the similar pieces of decorative masonry visible at Fulham's stadium, Craven Cottage.

There's Only One F in Fulham (TOOFIF) is an independently owned magazine dedicated to Fulham Football Club.[1] It is edited by David Lloyd, published six times per year and was founded in 1988. The online version is hosted on [1]. Ongoing jokes include calling Lloyd and his assistant different names each week, to represent greater and lesser varieties, an example being:

"Fine French Brie: David Lloyd

Dairylea Triangle: John Gordon"

They also have a cartoon entitled 'We Can Dream', where the subject finds he has been having an alarming or bizarre football-related dream or fantasy at the end, and a mascot called 'Freddie Fulham', an annoying little man who satirises the culture of football mascots.

The writing team contributes to Teletext and are often chosen to write "the fans' view" for newspapers or publications at opposing clubs.

The magazine takes its name from the Fulham F.C. football chant derived from "Guantanamera". It is a pun on the use of effin' ("F in") as a euphemism for the expletive fucking.

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