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The TOPIO Dio is a robot designed to serve in a restaurant or coffee shop, or as a cocktail bartender. TOPIO Dio has a 3-wheel moving platform, 28 degrees of freedom and is operated remotely with a built-in camera and an obstacle detector. it is 125 cm high and weighs 45 kg.

Development history[edit]

Time Place Event Notes
November, 2008 TOSY Robotics JSC TOPIO Dio project get started
June, 2010 AUTOMATICA 2010, Germany Introduce the 1st version of TOPIO Dio 28 degrees of freedom, 3 wheels platform


Specifications TOPIO Dio
Height 125 cm
Weight 45 kg
Power Supply battery, 48V 20AH
Actuator Servo motor
Communication methods Speaker, Microphone
Camera 2
Degrees of freedom 28


  • Remote control via wireless internet
  • Integrate 3D vision via 2 cameras
  • 3D operation space of robot defined by the controlling software
  • Processes pre-defined images
  • Detects obstacles by Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Three-wheeled base with omnidirectional and balanced motion

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