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Type Pump-action Shotgun
Place of origin Russia
Production history
Designer TsNIITochMash
Designed early 1990s
Manufacturer Tula Arms Plant
Produced early 1990s
Variants TOZ-194, TOZ-194-01M, TOZ-194-02M, TOZ-194-03M
Weight 2.9 kg (TOZ-194, TOZ-194-01M), 3.2 kg (TOZ-194-02M, TOZ-194-03M)

Cartridge 12 Gauge
Action pump
Feed system 7 round internal tubular magazine
Sights Bead

The TOZ-194 is a 12 Gauge, pump-action shotgun manufactured by the Tula Arms Plant.[2] Designed during the later years of the Soviet Union, the production of this firearm has started after the Soviet era in Russia, and since then it has gained a certain popularity within civilian shooters in Russia itself and in Europe, and is reported to be in use with some Russian Security forces.

The TOZ-194 is a conventional pump-action shotgun that feeds from a 7-rounds tube and chambers 70 mm shotgun shells ("Standard" 2​34" 12-gauge, therefore the use of 76 mm (3 inches) "Magnum" shells is strongly counterindicated). Its main feature is its 540 mm (21.2 inches approx.) barrel, which is oddly long for a combat shotgun; this was done to reach an overall length of 805 mm (31.6 inches approx.) which makes it legal for civilian ownership in Russia.


Four variants of the TOZ-194 shotgun are available on the market: the TOZ-194M with sole pistol grip; the TOZ-194-01M with pistol grip and upfolding metal stock, and muzzle adapters available for tactical applications; the TOZ-194-02M and TOZ-194-03M, both with standard fixed stock, the latter one also available with muzzle adapter.

Variant Gauge, mm Barrel Length, mm Shotgun length, mm with folded stock Mass, kg Magazine capacity
TOZ-194M 12/70 540 805 N/A 3.0
TOZ-194-01M 12/70 540[3] 1250[4] N/A 3.0 4; 7
TOZ-194-02M 12/70 540 1060 815 3.2 7
TOZ-194-03M 12/70 540[3] 1060 815[3] 3.2 4;7

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