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Translational Research in Europe - Assessment and Treatment of Neuromuscular diseases
KeywordsNeuromuscular diseases, clinical research
Project typeNetwork of Excellence
Funding agencyEuropean Commission
ObjectiveImproving trial-readiness worldwide, advancing patient diagnosis and care and accelerating pre-clinical research
Project coordinatorInstitute of Genetic Medicine, Newcastle University
ParticipantsUniversities, pharmaceutical companies, patient organisations

TREAT-NMD (treat NeuroMuscular Disease) is a global academic network that focuses on advancing research in neuromuscular disorders.[1] It was established in 2007 with its coordination centre at the Newcastle University.[2] As of 2018, the network comprises over a hundred research centres and patient organisations from 54 countries[3] as well as independent academics and patient representatives.[4] The network's aim is to provide infrastructure to accelerating research through supporting collaboration between its members.[5] Its main goals include improving trial-readiness worldwide, advancing patient diagnosis and care and accelerating pre-clinical research.[6][7]

Through patient registries, TREAT-NMD provides genotype-phenotype correlation between genetic mutations and neuromuscular disease burden.[8]


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Further reading[edit]

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