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Launched July 30, 1990
Closed January 30, 2011
Owned by Turkish Radio and Television Corporation
Picture format 4:3 (576i, SDTV)
Country Turkey
Broadcast area Turkey, Armenia
Headquarters Ankara
Formerly called 4. Kanal, TV4
Türksat 2A 11919 V, SR 24444, FEC 3/4
Türksat 3A 11094 H, SR 24444, FEC 3/4
Eutelsat W3A Digiturk channel 60 (11452 V, SR 30000, FEC 3/4)
Turksat Kablo TV S33

TRT 4 is a Turkish television program. Before 2008, it was a TV station which broadcast cultural and educational programs in Turkey.


TRT 4 started test transmissions in 1990 as "4. Kanal", and is now TRT's frequently watched TV station.

In the past, the channel broadcast educational programs (correspondence courses).

Afterward TRT 4 started broadcast the repeats of Turkish folk, documentaries and classical music programming.

From 1 November 2008, its broadcast times are: 21:00 - 07:00 (EET) after the release of TRT Çocuk, It has many subprograms. TRT 4 logo replaced TRT Çocuk logo during the program.

Currently TRT 4 shows programs of TRT Müzik channel.

Close at night[edit]

During late 2008 to late 2009, TRT 4 is only channel of TRT that close to the testcard at night. While before that TRT 3 also close from 2am to 5am. And before 2003 TRT 1 and TRT 2 also close at night.

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