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TSF Jazz
TSF Jazz logo
City Paris
Broadcast area France
Slogan 24h/24, la seule radio 100% Jazz (24/7, the only radio 100% Jazz)
Frequency 89,9 MHz (Paris)
98,1 MHz (Nice)
98,1 MHz (Cannes)
11 frequencies (2013)
First air date 1 August 1999
Format Jazz
Language(s) French
Former callsigns TSF-93 (1981-1990)
TSF (1991-1999)
TSF Jazz (1999)
TSF 89,9 (1999-2008)
Owner Nova Press
Sister stations Radio Nova
Webcast TSF Jazz's Live Stream
Website tsfjazz.fr

TSF Jazz, previously known as TSF 89.9, is a radio station based at Paris (France) created in 1999 and owned by Nova Press.

TSF is dedicated to mainly jazz music, and is most notably broadcasting in the Île-de-France: in Paris on 89.9 FM where it can almost be heard in the whole region, and also in the Côte d'Azur: with frequencies in Nice and Cannes.[1] TSF, the acronym of the station, stands for Télégraphie Sans Fil and literally means Wireless Telegraphy, which is phrase that during part of the twentieth century in France, meant what now is simply called radio.[2]


Communist TSF[edit]

In 1981, TSF Jazz was, originally created in Seine-Saint-Denis as a talk, sports, music and local info station, then as « TSF-93 » established by elected Socialist Party members and the French Communist Party, and transmitted from Romainville.[3]

In 1990, the radio station fusioned with the communist radio stations of every department in Île-de-France including TSF Paris : Radio Top Essonne, 92 Radio, Radio Soleil 94 and TSF Colline 95 to rename all those stations to simply « TSF ».[4]

From 1993, TSF brings together several local radio stations in France: Forum 91,3 in Bordeaux, Agora FM in Grasse, Loire FM from Saint-Étienne and four other local stations known as « TSF » in Cognac, Lyon, Nérac, and Nice in addition to TSF Paris, TSF then changes its Parisian frequency from 93.0 FM to 89.9, it is also on this frequency that, TSF Jazz in Paris is still broadcasting.[5]

In 1995, four new stations begin to retransmit some of its programs (news and programs): on Radio Calaisis from Calais, Actuel from Le Havre, Chalette from Montargis and Radio Quinquin from Saint-Omer.

In 1996, TSF is at its peak with three new stations: TSF Jordanne (Cantal department), TSF Isère (Grenoble) from and TSF Aravis from Ugine. The TSF radio network is then broadcasting on nineteen frequencies in France.

In 1997, marked the decline of the communist radio station.[why?] The station stopped broadcasting in the local radio stations of Bordeaux, Lyon, Nérac, Nice, le Havre, Saint-Omer and Grenoble. The other stations Agora, Loire FM, Calaisis, Radio Chalette and Radio Jordanne then become completely independent again, while keeping the spirit of TSF.

In 1998, TSF Cognac and TSF Aravis stopped broadcasting as well.

In 1999, after the decline of the Parisian radio station, a redemption by Fréquence Jazz was mentioned, but finally TSF attempts to stay broadcasting by changing its format completely by turning into a Jazz format and under the name of « TSF Jazz », the owners of TSF eventually failed after this attempt.

Redemption by Nova Press[edit]

In August 1999, the group Nova Press redeems the radio station after the failure of the communist TSF station, to then become part of the Nova Press group in its offices of Faubourg, Paris. Jean-François Bizot and Frank Ténot bought the old TSF station, to then rename it by referencing its Parisian frequency: « TSF 89.9 » and make it The Jazz & Info radio station of Paris and the Ile-de-France. Hosts of the TSF station do not hesitate to cross the door that separates the two stations of TSF 89,9 and Radio Nova, to host some programs of Radio Nova, which also plays jazz along with other various genres.[6]

TSF Jazz[edit]

In September 2008 the station announced to change its name again to « TSF Jazz » (without reference to the Parisian 89.9 frequency) and adopted a much more simple logo along with a new slogan, with the main objective to cover France nationally.[7]

On 4 December 2008, TSF Jazz starts broadcasting on its seventh frequency in Laval where around 100,000 people in the area can receive the station.[8]

On 26 May 2009, the CSA selected the radio station to broadcast digitally in Marseille, Nice and Paris, TSF Jazz also celebrates its 10 years of existence.[9]

In 2011, TSF Jazz along with Radio Nova left the group of Les Indés Radios, of which the stations were members.[10]

Identity of TSF Jazz[edit]



  • 1981 - 1990:Votre Radio
  • 1990 - 1992:La proximité citoyenne en Île-de-France
  • 1992 - 1999: On est fait pour s'entendre !
  • 1999 - 2008: La radio Jazz & Infos
  • 2008 - 2012: Tout le jazz, Toutes les émotions (All The Jazz, All The Emotions)
  • Since 2012: 24h/24, la seule radio 100% Jazz


Below, is a list of TSF Jazz with the current programming.[16]

  • "Autour du Piano": Piano jazz music program. Every Friday at 7PM.
  • "Bon Temps Rouler": Program which also is broadcast on Jazz Radio, is mainly Soul and Blues selected by the musician Jean-Jacques Milteau.
  • "Coup de Projecteur"
  • "Disque du Jour": Monday til Friday, the newest jazz selected by TSF hosts.
  • "Jazz Fan"
  • "Jazzlive": Every evening of the week at 9 PM, 40 minutes of a concert hosted by Jean-Charles Doukhan. Several times per week, Jazzlive is broadcast live from clubs, theaters and or festivals of Paris, the Île-de-France region and the Province (outside Île-de-France).
  • "l'Apéro-Jazz"
  • "Le 10-14"
  • "Le 20H"
  • "Les Lundis Du Duc": Every Monday, at 7 PM, TSF broadcasts live from Le Duc des Lombards, which is one of the biggest Parisian jazz clubs.
  • "Made in China" Every Thursday, at 7 PM, hosted by the American singer China Moses.
  • "Matin Jazz": From Monday til Friday. Jazz music program in the morning.
  • "MiLaRéSolSiMi"
  • "Miller Time": The bass guitarist Marcus Miller, who has worked with jazz musicians such as Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock, hosts its own show every Sunday at 8 PM.
  • "Si Bémol & Fadaises"
  • "The Jamie Cullum Show": Show about mainly Jazz music, selected and hosted by Jamie Cullum. Jamie Cullum also hosts his own show on BBC Radio 2, every Tuesday.[17]

Broadcasting area[edit]

TSF Jazz broadcasts throughout France on FM on the following frequencies:[18][19]

TSF Jazz is also available on the Internet at http://www.tsfjazz.com/player.html and via satellite.