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TSS - Transport Simulation Systems
Industry Software
Founded 1997
Headquarters Barcelona, Spain
Key people
  • Jaime L. Ferrer (Managing Director)
  • Dr Jordi Casas (R&D Director)
  • David García (Technical Director)
  • Dr Alex Gerodimos (Commercial Director)
  • Dr Alexandre Torday (Consulting Director)
Products Aimsun, Aimsun Online
Website http://www.aimsun.com

TSS – Transport Simulation Systems is a privately held company based in Barcelona, Spain with a branch office in New York City, USA. TSS develops and distributes the transport modelling software Aimsun and Aimsun Online.

Aimsun is an integrated transport modelling software application used by government agencies, municipalities, universities and consultants to improve road infrastructure, reduce emissions, cut congestion and design better urban environments for vehicles and pedestrians. It now has nearly 2,000 licensed users in over 60 countries.[1]

Aimsun Online is a real-time traffic forecasting solution used by traffic control centres to make real-time decisions about the management of road networks.


TSS originated in 1986 as LIOS, a research group at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya) headed by Professor Jaume Barceló. Backed by funding from the Spanish Government and the European Union, the LIOS research projects resulted in the development of a microscopic simulator.

In 1997, on the strength of market demand for the software, the company was launched as a commercial enterprise by 8 partners, including current executive team members Jaime L. Ferrer, Dr Jordi Casas and David García. There have been 8 commercial releases of Aimsun since the company was founded.

Today, the company focusses exclusively on developing and marketing transport modelling software for traffic engineering, management and operations.


Other services[edit]

  • Consultancy from in-house specialists
  • Software Upgrade Subscription (SUS)
  • Standard and customised training
  • Technical support


TSS has a partnership with pedestrian simulation company, Legion to form Legion for Aimsun, a new pedestrian modelling component that is fully integrated inside Aimsun as a plug-in. The integration makes it possible to simultaneously simulate the movements of both pedestrians and vehicles, and their interactions.

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