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Origin Gomel, Belarus
Genres Rapcore, nu metal, hard rock, hardcore punk, alternative rock, alternative metal
Years active 1996 (1996)–present
Labels Deti Solnsta
Associated acts Seryoga
Members Lyubomir Krizhanovskií
Sergei Kuzmenkov
Valerií Novoselitsev
Aleksei Smirnov
Past members Konstantin Astapenko
Aleksandr Volostnov
Alekséi Grigoriev

TT-34 is an alternative rock band from Belarus. They are popular in Russia[citation needed] and have recorded several songs with the Belarusian singer Seryoga.[1] Some of their music was used on the soundtrack of Night Watch,[2] a 2004 film which was a blockbuster in Russia and was, in 2006, released in the U.S. by Fox Searchlight Pictures.

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