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Theban tomb TT192
Burial site of Kheruef called Senaa
Tomb TT192 of Kheruef (Kairoinfo4u).jpg
Reliefs from Kheruef's TT192 tomb
Location El-Assasif, Theban Necropolis
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Kheruef called Senaa
in hieroglyphs

Tomb TT192, located in the necropolis of El-Assasif in Thebes in Egypt, is the tomb of Kheruef, also called Senaa, who was Steward to the Great Royal Wife Tiye, during the reign of Amenhotep III.[2] It is located in El-Assasif, part of the Theban Necropolis.[3]

TT192 complex[edit]

The tomb of Kheruef is large enough to have several later tombs associated with it, or placed within its substructure. These tombs date from the 19th dynasty all the way to the late period.

  • Tombs TT189 (annex), TT190 (Esbanebdjed) and TT191 (Wahibre-nebpehti) have their entries on the east side of the north wall of the courtyard of Kheruef's tomb. The tomb date to the Late Period.
  • Tombs TT189 (Nakhtdjehuty) and TT194 (Thutemhab) have entrances off the east side of the courtyard of TT193. A stela of TT193 is located in front of these structures.
  • Tombs TT195 (Bakenamun), TT196 (Padihorresnet), TT406 (Piay) and TT364 (Amenemhab) have entries located on the south wall of the courtyard.
  • Tom TT407 (Bintenduanetjer) is located off the south side of the first columned hall of Kheruef's tomb.[1]


The reliefs in the tomb contains depictions of Tiye, Amenhotep III (shown as a weak and elderly figure in some decoration)[4] and Akhenaten (named as Amenhotep. Hence, its decoration program started late in the final years of Amenhotep III and the earliest phase of the Akhenaten's reign.[5]


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Coordinates: 25°44′03″N 32°36′42″E / 25.7342°N 32.6117°E / 25.7342; 32.6117