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Theban tomb TT280
Burial site of Meketre
View from the cattle census
Location Sheikh Abd el-Qurna, Theban Necropolis
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N5 m D39
in hieroglyphs
A funerary model of a granary, painted and gessoed wood, originally from Thebes from TT280
View from the cattle census

Tomb TT280, located in Sheikh Abd el-Qurna, part of the Theban Necropolis, is the burial place of the Ancient Egyptian noble Meketre who was chancellor and chief steward during the reign of Mentuhotep II and Mentuhotep III, during the Middle Kingdom.[2]


This tomb contained many models:

In the Cairo Museum: Two canoes with draw-net, Boat with paddles, and Meketre and son Antef under canopy, sailing-boat with Meketre under canopy, Kitchen tender, Sailing-boat with wicker cabin, Sailing-boat, house in garden, Carpenter's shop, Spinning and weaving, Inspection of cattle, Female offering-bringer with drink.[1]

In the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York: Rowing-boat with musicians and kitchen tender, Rowing-boat, Sailing boat with Meketre and son Antef under canopy, Boat with paddles, Boat with paddles, men harpooning fish, and Meketre and son Antef seated on deck, Female offering-bringer with food, Four male and female offering bringers in procession, Cattle in stable, Slaughterhouse, Granary, Brewers and Bakers, House in garden.[1]


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Coordinates: 25°44′00″N 32°36′00″E / 25.7333°N 32.6000°E / 25.7333; 32.6000