TTC Tychy

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Teacher Training College of Foreign Languages in Tychy
NKJO Tychy 2007.jpg
al. Niepodległości 32
43-100 Tychy

Coordinates 50°7′9″N 18°59′14″E / 50.11917°N 18.98722°E / 50.11917; 18.98722Coordinates: 50°7′9″N 18°59′14″E / 50.11917°N 18.98722°E / 50.11917; 18.98722
Type State college
Established 1990 (1990)
School district Silesia
Principal Ewa Fic[citation needed]
Number of students 200
TTC Tychy, located in the Silesia Region

Teacher Training College of Foreign Languages in Tychy (TTC Tychy, Polish: Nauczycielskie Kolegium Języków Obcych w Tychach) is a Polish state college established in 1990.[citation needed] It trains teachers of English and German under the pedagogical guidance of the University of Silesia in Katowice.

Education in the college continues for three years and finishes with a diploma dissertation. The graduates are entitled to take the licencjat exam at the University of Silesia.[citation needed] Once the graduates obtain the licencjat degree they are eligible to pursue a two-year Master of Arts degree.


In 1990 TTC Tychy was the first institution offering higher education in Tychy. It was established to provide foreign language teachers, needed in the newly reformed Polish schools.[citation needed]

The college is located at al. Niepodległości 32. Up to 200 students can study there during the academic year enjoying, among other things, a modern language-lab, a multi-media lecture room, extensive specialist library, a language-teaching oriented computer lab and a gym.

TTC Tychy organizes Tyski Konkurs Języka Angielskiego i Języka Niemieckiego (a foreign language competition) for high school students, and several other events associated with foreign language teaching/learning.