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TTI Team Telecom International Ltd.
Industry Telecommunication
Computer software
Operations Support Systems
Founded 1992, public since 1996
Headquarters Rosh Ha'ayin, Israel
Products Netrac-brand Operations Support Systems
Revenue Increase $46.1 million USD (2006)
Number of employees
361 (2006)

TTI Telecom, founded in 1992, is a developer and provider of next generation Operations Support Systems (OSS) to large communications service providers. TTI Telecom is based in Rosh Ha'ayin, Israel and operates subsidiaries in 7 other countries.

In August 2010 TTI Telecom was acquired by TEOCO Corporation.[1]


TTI Telecom was incorporated in 1990 and commenced its operations in 1992 as a subsidiary of Team Computers and Systems Ltd., after having operated as a division of Team Computers since 1988. TTI Telecom shares have been traded on the NASDAQ Global Market under the symbol NASDAQTTIL since an initial public offering of a minority stake of its shares in December 1996 when it was still a Team Computers subsidiary. In April 2005, TTI Telecom ceased to be a subsidiary of Team Computers.

In 2011, TTI challenged the Indian tax authorities in a case brought before the Indian Income Tax Appellate Tribunal in Mumbai. The court ruled in TTI's favor, ruling that software receipts were not royalties under the India-Israel tax treaty.[2]

TTI Telecom has a registered patent in the United States and a patent application pending in Europe. The US patent addresses the functionality of a topology-based reasoning system for root-cause analysis of network faults, a component of the Netrac FaM product line.[3]

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