TTM Thailand Tobacco Monopoly F.C.

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TTM Thailand Tobacco Monopoly FC
TTM football Club logo, It is new change logo, Feb 2015.jpg
Full name TTM Thailand Tobacco Monopoly Football Club
Nickname(s) สิงห์อมควัน
Founded 1963; 54 years ago (1963)
Dissolved 2016
Ground Lad Krabang 54 Stadium
Bangkok, Thailand
Ground Capacity 2,000
2015 19th (Relegated)

Thailand Tobacco Monopoly Football Club (Thai: สโมสรฟุตบอลยาสูบ), commonly known as the TTM FC, is a Thai football club based in Bangkok and currently plays in the Thai Division 1 League. This Club, founded in 1963,[1] is one of the oldest clubs in Thailand. Their biggest achievement has been the Thai Premier League Title 2005. In 2009, the official club name has changed from Thailand Tobacco Monopoly to TTM Samut Sakhon FC.

Again, at the end of 2009, ready for the 2010 season, TTM once again renamed themselves to TTM Phichit and re-located to the Northern province. In 2012 the club once again relocated to Chiang Mai and would be known as TTM Chaingmai


Thailand Tobacco Monopoly football club were formed in 1963 as the works teams of the company of the same name. They have been ever presents in the structure of Thai football since the game became professional in the 1996-97 season.

The early years[edit]

TTM as the team were more commonly known began life in the professional era in the 1996–97 Thailand Soccer League with 17 other teams. As this was the first season to use a traditional league format, it was determined that the bottom six teams would be relegated to form a new feeder league. Unluckily for TTM, they were one of the bottom 6 teams that would be relegated. They would not come back to the Thai Premier League until the 2001–02 Thai League season when they won their first silverware, the Thai Division 1 League.

On their return to the TPL, they comfortably found themselves as a mid table outfit, finishing in 8th position in their first three seasons. Although comfortably above the relegation zone, they were somewhat rather behind the leading pack.

ASEAN Club Championship Disaster[edit]

In July 2005, the team went quietly confident into the ASEAN Club Championship, a competition for league winners of the ASEAN region. TTM were drawn into Group B with the host club DPMM of Brunei, Tampines Rovers of Singapore and the Finance and Revenue team of Myanmar.

In the first group game, TTM let a 2-goal lead slip to the hosts DPMM played at the Sultan Hassal Bolkiah Stadium. In the second group game they had to beat Tampines Rovers but they were strongly overcome by Tampines foreign contingent and lost 3:1. Therefore, they went into the last group game hoping that other results would go their way and that they in turn could also turn over a big goal difference. This was not to be the case as they once again lost and went out of the competition.

ACL Disqualification[edit]

TTM were expected to take part in the 2006 AFC Champions League but failed to register any paper work on time and were therefore disqualified. TTM were drawn in Group F with Koreans Ulsan Hyundai Horang-i, Tokyo Verdy of Japan and Arema of Indonesia.

New Identity[edit]

In 2009 and with the shake up of Thai football in general, all company based teams had to become sports entities, thus forcing out the like of Bangkok Bank and Krung Thai Bank. TTM decided to re-locate from Bangkok and move to Samut Sakhon and renamed themselves TTM F.C. Samut Sakhon. They had in fact moved in the second half of the 2008 season but kept the same name TTM until 2009. Games would be played at the Samut Sakhon Stadium.

This name change and new identity would only last one season however, as again, in time for the 2010 season, they once again relocated to the province of Phichit and renamed TTM F.C. Phichit. This did not go down to well with some supporters of Thai football as they had moved from a province that previously didn't have a football club and moved to a province that already had a team, Phichit, who had worked hard to gather a supporter base. The plus side of TTM moving to Phichit is that from their previous home a new club was formed, Samut Sakhon.

After two season of mid-table anonymity in Phichit, the club took the gamble and tried their luck in the northern city of Chiang Mai. This move was to prove to be disastrous as TTM finished in bottom place and were relegated from the TPL in 2012. The club were shunned by the locals who preferred to stick by their regional league side Chiang Mai FC. In 2013 they moved to Lopburi, then in 2014 they returned to their original home of Bangkok, ground sharing with Customs United F.C. Then in 2015 they finished 19th and were relegated to the Regional League. TTM have decided to sit out the 2016 season.


Winner: 2005
Winner: 2000
Winner: 2006

Performance in AFC competitions[edit]

2006: Disqualified

Performance in ASEAN Competitions[edit]

2005: Group Stage
2008: Quarter-Finals
2009: 3rd place

Stadium and locations by season records[edit]

Coordinates Location Stadium Capacity Year
13°57′04″N 100°37′28″E / 13.951133°N 100.624507°E / 13.951133; 100.624507 Pathum Thani Thupatemee Stadium 25,000 2007
13°32′30″N 100°16′50″E / 13.541674°N 100.280681°E / 13.541674; 100.280681 Samut Sakhon Institute of Physical Education Samut Sakhon Stadium 6,378 2008-2010
16°26′35″N 100°19′26″E / 16.443144°N 100.324005°E / 16.443144; 100.324005 Phichit Phichit Stadium 5,000 2010-2011
18°50′23″N 98°57′34″E / 18.839722°N 98.959444°E / 18.839722; 98.959444 Chiang Mai 700th Anniversary Stadium 25,000 2012
13°52′02″N 100°34′39″E / 13.867163°N 100.577392°E / 13.867163; 100.577392 Lak Si, Bangkok Boonyachinda Stadium 3,500 2013
13°42′22″N 100°47′02″E / 13.706226°N 100.783876°E / 13.706226; 100.783876 Samut Prakan Lad Krabang 54 Stadium 2,000 2014-2015

Season By Season Record[edit]

Season League FA Cup Queen's
Asia Top scorer
Division P W D L F A Pts Pos Name Goals
1996-97 TPL 34 7 14 13 37 44 35 13th
1997 DIV1
1998 DIV1
1999 DIV1
2000 DIV1 1st
2001-02 TPL 22 8 2 12 24 35 26 8th
2002-03 TPL 18 5 6 7 22 25 21 8th
2003-04 TPL 18 4 7 7 16 18 19 8th
2004-05 TPL 18 9 7 2 26 11 34 1st ASEAN Club Championship - GS
2006 TPL 22 9 8 5 30 24 35 4th AFC Champions League - DIS Thailand Kwanchai Fuangprakob 9
2007 TPL 30 12 8 10 43 42 44 6th Brazil Ney Fabiano 18
2008 TPL 30 7 12 11 20 25 33 12th Singapore Cup - QF Thailand Worawut Wangsawad 5
2009 TPL 30 8 13 9 29 32 37 8th SF R1 Singapore Cup
Third Place
Cameroon Bekombo Ekollo 7
2010 TPL 30 7 11 12 32 46 32 13th R4 Not Enter R2 Brazil Valci Teixeira Junior 10
2011 TPL 34 12 7 15 38 54 43 11th R3 R2 South Korea Kim Joo-Yong 11
2012 TPL 34 2 12 20 25 57 18 18th R3 R3 Brazil Leonardo 10
2013 DIV1 34 9 11 14 36 46 38 14th R3 R1 France Lassana Sidibe 7
2014 DIV1 34 10 15 9 41 42 45 12th R3 Cameroon Camara Souleymane 6
2015 DIV1 38 10 10 18 34 51 40 19th R3 R1 Thailand Chakrit Rawanprakone 11
Champions Runners-up Third Place Promoted Relegated


Coaches by Years (2000–present)

Name Nat Period Honours
Anant Amornkiat Thailand 2000–04 Thailand Division 1 League 2000
Jose Alves Borges Brazil 2004–05, 2006 Thai Premier League 2004/05
Jose Carlos da Silva Brazil 2007
Loius Mayer Brazil 2007
Gawin Kachendecha Thailand 2008
Prajuk Viengsong Thailand July 2008–Nov 08
Attaphol Buspakom Thailand Jan 2009–April 9
Kij Meesrisuk Thailand May 2009–Aug 09
Prajuk Viengsong Thailand Aug 2009
Jose Alves Bervis Brazil 2010
Bae Myung-Ho South Korea Jan 2011–April 11
Lee Young-Moo South Korea May 2011–Jan 12
Somchai Chuayboonchum Thailand Jan 2012– April 12
Narong Suwannachot Thailand April 2012 – 2013
Jatuporn Pramualban Thailand 2013–2014
Narasak Boonkleng Thailand 2015

Former Player[edit]


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