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TTXGP are the official promoters of FIM eRoadRacing, the world's premier electric motorsport race series. Founded by Azhar Hussain MBE in 2008, TTXGP started life as the first zero-carbon, clean-emission race to take place at the Isle of Man TT as teams from around the globe raced electric motorbikes.

TTXGP then grew to become a world championship before the company took up the official role as promoters of FIM eRoad Racing when TTXGP and FIM e-Power joined forces in 2013.

How TTXGP Started[edit]


The TTXGP was a new event for the 2009 Isle of Man TT races. It was promoted by Azhar Hussain, who took the idea forward after a number of different Manx individuals had had the initial idea. Engineer Peter Hindley and civil servant Brian Hammond had proposed the idea of a zero-carbon TT motorcycle race on the Isle of Man to the IOM government in 2008. Ex-racer Phil Corlett had separately also been talking about the idea in 2008 and before. Phil lives two doors down from Peter. Peter Hindley's proposed format, which was largely adopted, was based on that of the original 1907 TT race which valued fuel economy as well as speed.

The 2009 TTXGP was a one-lap, 37.733-mile (60.725 km) race for racing motorcycles "powered without the use of carbon based fuels and have zero toxic/noxious emissions."[1] For 2010 the event was replaced by TT Zero, also created for zero-emissions motorcycles. In 2010, Hussain organized electric motorcycle races in North America and Europe that culminated in a world championship race in Albacete Spain.[2] The series expanded to include Australia in 2011 along with races in the United States and Europe.[3]


TTXGP bikes in the paddock before their first practice session in the 2009 Isle of Man TT


For 2009 the classes were established to cover different types of energy systems. This was changed for the 2010 season to focus exclusively on electric.

Professional Class (officially denominated as "Best Buy Pro Class")

  • 3a Prototype electrically propelled motorcycles. Powered solely by stored electricity (battery/accumulator)
  • 3b Fuel cell Class – Powered by a fuel cell device and stored electricity (battery/accumulator) if required.
  • 3c Conventional internal combustion engine powered machines fuelled by non-carbon-based fuel. (i.e. hydrogen). These machines must comply with all ACU regulations for racing motorcycles, including 105 dBA noise restriction.
  • 3d Hybrid propulsion systems.

Open Class

  • Electrically propelled machines, powered solely by stored electricity (battery/accumulator).


  • Motorcycles' minimum weight is 100 kg (220 lb) and up to 300 kg (660 lb). Weighed in race-ready mode.

Official qualification time[edit]

  • 50 minutes an average speed of 45.16 mph (72.68 km/h) for 1 lap of the Mountain Course without stopping.

TTXGP participants - 2009 Isle of Man TT Races[edit]

Team Class Motorcycle No Rider
Mission Motors PRO 3a 1 United States Thomas Montano
Kingston University Open 3 Scotland George Spence
EVOdesign PRO 3a 4 Wales Paul Owen
MotoCzysz PRO 3a 5 United States Mark Miller
KillaCycle Racing /Lightning Motorcycles PRO 3a 6 Republic of Ireland Alan Connor
eROCKIT PRO 3a 7 Isle of Man David Madsen-Mygdal
Barefoot Motors Racing PRO 3a 8 England Chris Petty
Imperial TTxGP PRO 3a 10 England Chris Palmer
Brammo/BIKE PRO 3a 11 England Roy Richardson
Team Agni PRO 3a 12 England Robert Barber
HTBLAUVA - TGM PRO 3a 14 New Zealand Paul Dobbs
ManTTx Racing Open 16 Isle of ManDan Kneen
TORK PRO 3a 17 Isle of Man John Crellin
XXL PRO 3a 18 Germany Thomas Schoenfelder
EVOdesign PRO 3a 19 England Olie Linsdell / Native Cycles Open 21 England Chris Heath / Native Cycles PRO 3a 22 Republic of Ireland Roger Maher
Peace e-rider Open 23 Spain Antonio Maseo
Brunel X-team PRO 3a 24 England Steve Harper
Brammo/BIKE PRO 3a 26 Scotland Mark Buckley


2009 TTXGP Best Buy PRO Class final standings.[edit]

12 June 2009 1 Lap (37.733 mi (60.725 km)) Mountain Course. TTXGP for Carbon free emission motor-cycles in PRO classes 3a-3d

Rank Rider Team Speed Time
1 England Rob Barber AGNI 87.434 mph (140.711 km/h) 25' 53.50
2 Germany Thomas Schoenfelder XXL 77.841 mph (125.273 km/h) 29' 04.93
3 Scotland Mark Buckley Brammo 75.350 mph (121.264 km/h) 30' 02.64
4 United States Thomas Montano Mission Motors 74.091 mph (119.238 km/h) 30' 33.26
5 New Zealand Paul Dobbs HTBLAuVA - TGM 62.575 mph (100.705 km/h) 36' 10.63
6 England Stephen Harper Brunel X-team 40.092 mph (64.522 km/h) 56' 27.89


2009 TTXGP OPEN Class final standings.[edit]

12 June 2009 1 Lap (37.733 mi (60.725 km)) Mountain Course. TTXGP for Carbon free emission motor-cycles in OPEN class.

Rank Rider Team Speed Time
1 England Chris Heath / Native Cycles 66.022 mph (106.252 km/h) 34' 17.30
2 England Chris Petty Barefoot Motors 62.219 mph (100.132 km/h) 36' 23.06
3 Isle of Man John Crellin TORK 60.475 mph (97.325 km/h) 37' 26.01


Conflict with FIM[edit]

Shortly after the inaugural TTXGP race on the Isle of Man in June 2009, discussions commenced between Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM), the international governing body of motorcycle racing, and TTXGP regarding the FIM sanction of an eGrandPrix world championship. The TTXGP Technical Rules, which dealt with class specifications, safety of riders and marshals, and, generally, guidelines concerning the mitigation of possible hazards presented by the electric systems of the motorcycles; were shared with FIM during these discussions. In November 2009, talks broke down and, thereafter, FIM organized its own electric motorcycle racing series, denominated the e-Power. Motorcycling's publication of record in the UK indicated that "the split arose after the FIM reneged on its original agreement with TTXGP series organisers, threatening to withdraw its backing pending payment of half a million Euros. A witness to the proceedings claims the FIM then demanded full rights to the series. When the demand was refused the FIM then insisted the rule book – drafted by TTXGP organisers – could not be used outside the FIM’s own hastily-organised series." [7] Another publication indicated "The FIM knew a good thing when it saw it and started working with Hussain to push electric motorcycle racing onto a much bigger stage. Things were looking rosy until the FIM walked away — and took the TTXGP’s rule book with it — in November and announced the E-Power series, four races slated to begin in May." [8] By January 2010, TTXGP had announced a 2010 series of races that would commence in May at Infineon Raceway, Sonoma, California, and would include races in Canada, Italy, UK and Spain.[8]

Conflict with IOM[edit]

TTXGP had planned to return in June 2010 to the Isle of Man to hold the second annual electric motorcycle race on the Island. In January 2010, however, the Isle of Man Department of Tourism and Leisure announced that it would be holding its own electric motorcycle race, the TT Zero, without involvement by TTXGP.[8]


TTXGP Technical Rules Wiki[edit]

In January 2010, TTXGP announced that it was going to utilize a wiki-based rules model. Hussain said, "We have created a rules wiki at You can take the 2010 rules posted there and let us know how you think they should be amended via the wiki systems. . . Our strength is our recognition that inclusion and diversity are the among the core elements of success in our new endeavour." [9] At the time, Motorcycle News called it, "another inspired move by Hussain which helps keep his series closer to the pulse of modern race fans and participants, while leaving rival FIM look lead-footed." [10]

TTXGP UK 2010 participants[edit]

Team Motorcycle No Rider
Morris Motorcycles Racing Team 2010 Mavizen 61 Sweden Annie Seel
Kingston University PWI 62 England Adam Palfreman
ManTTx Racing ManTTx 63 Isle of ManJames McBride
MRB Racing/ The Tuning Works Suzuki 64 England Russel Licence
TORK INDIA T002X 65 England Jim Lovell
Kingston University/LiFeBATT/LiFeTech Racing Cagiva 66 England Harry Hardi
Imperial TTXGP Suzuki/Lemco 67 England Daniel Jackson
Electric Hussars Mavizen 68 England Pete Ward
Team Agni Suzuki/Agni 69 England Rob Moon
Team Agni Suzuki/Agni 77 England Jenny Tinmouth


According to a joint press release by FIM and TTXGP, the two organizations combined forces for the first time in July 2011. "In a spirit of collaboration and with the common goal of promoting electric clean emission racing, the FIM e-Power & TTXGP Championships will combine both series in a support race during the FIM MotoGP World Championship Round to be held this weekend at the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, California (USA)."[11] Both championships were won in 2011 by German Münch Racing Team as constructor and Matthias Himmelmann as rider on a Münch TTE-2.

Race Results - Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca[edit]

Pos Rider Nation Team Class Total Time Km/h Gap
1 Steve Rapp United States Mission Motors TTXGP 12'40.597 136.692
2 Michael Czysz United States MotoCzysz e-Power 13'20.592 129.863 0'39.995
3 Michael Barnes United States Lightning TTXGP 13'20.825 129.826 0'40.228
4 Steve Atlas United States Brammo TTXGP 13'40.456 126.719 0'59.859
5 Alessandro Brannetti Italy CRP TTXGP/e-Power 13'40.814 126.664 1'00.217
6 Matthias Himmelmann Germany Münch TTXGP/e-Power 13'41.076 126.624 1'00.479
7 Thad Wolff United States Moto Electra TTXGP 12'51.894 117.855 1 lap
8 Shelina Moreda United States CRP TTXGP/e-Power 13'16.681 114.118 1 lap
9 Ely Schless United States Proto Moto TTX75 14'17.093 106.14 1 lap
10 Marcelino Manzano Spain LGN e-Power 14'25.614 105.095 1 lap
11 Kenyon Kluge United States Zero TTX75 DNF


In 2012 both the FIM e-Power and the TTXGP the e-Grand Prix world titles were again won by the German Münch Racing Team as constructor with their Münch TTE-2. Its rider Matthias Himmelmann gained the FIM e-Power world title. With the TTXGP the e-Grand Prix he gained world vice championship and the European title.


Following further, successful collaborations between FIM and TTXGP during the 2012 season, particularly at Laguna Seca, the two organisations announced in April 2013 they would be joining forces to create the FIM eRoadRacing World Cup.

The World Cup was announced as a one-off, season-long competition which would allow teams in Europe and the US to compete on their continents for a place in the world final. From 2014, the World Cup format would change to a World Championship meaning teams from both Europe and the US would compete at each round across three continents.

The first FIM eRoadRacing season was announced with races at Laguna Seca, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Circuit de Valencia, Le Mans, Oschersleben and Miller Motorsports Park with a world final expected to take place during the latter months of 2013.

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