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TUL Corporation
Industry Computer
Founded 1997 [1]
Headquarters New Taipei City, Taiwan
Products Graphics cards
Website www.powercolor.com

The PowerColor brand was established in 1997 by the TUL corporation (撼訊科技),[1] based in New Taipei City, Taiwan. PowerColor maintains office locations in a number of countries, including Taiwan, the Netherlands, and the United States. The United States branch is located in City of Industry, California, and serves the North and Latin American markets. Tul also has another brand, VTX3D, which serves the European and some Asian markets.


PowerColor Radeon X850XT Platinum Edition

PowerColor is a licensed producer of AMD Radeon video cards.[2][3] The majority of PowerColor cards are manufactured by Foxconn.[4]

PowerColor's AMD video cards range from affordable cards appropriate for low-end workstations, to cards for high-end gaming machines, thus catering to a wide range of the market.[5][6] PowerColor's manufacturing arrangement with FoxConn has given it the ability to change the specifications of cards, allowing them to announce products with higher specifications—overclocked by default—than AMD or its main competitor, Sapphire Technology.[4]

PowerColor products have been widely reviewed and have gained a number of awards at computer hardware review sites.[7]


PowerColor provides a two-year warranty on its products.[8] In order to return a video card, the end-user must sign in and register their card. The return process is only available to end users in North America,[9] with the customer liable for shipping.

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