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EP by Less Than Jake
Released October 12, 2010
Recorded 2010
Genre Ska punk, punk rock, pop punk
Length 11:30
Language English
Label Sleep It Off
Producer Less Than Jake
Less Than Jake chronology
Greetings from Less Than Jake

TV/EP is an EP by Less Than Jake. Apart from re-masters of their earlier albums, this EP is the second Less Than Jake release to be distributed by their own label Sleep It Off Records, following 2008's full-length album GNV FLA. The recording consists of covers of TV theme songs and product jingles.

The album was released as a CD and digital download on October 12, 2010.[1] A few weeks prior to the release date, a video of the band's version of the Animaniacs theme song was released on their official website as a teaser to EP.[2] Each song is tracklisted on the album, not by the title of the actual song being covered, but by a succession of tracks titled "Channel 1", "Channel 2", etc. "Channel 4" contains a reference to the song "Weinershnitzel" by the Descendents.


The TV/EP received generally mixed to positive reviews from critics, many of which note the EP's positive feeling but its limited appeal. James Greene Jr. of said that "[the] TV/EP will surely appease the band’s legions of rabid fans and anyone who likes a good 15-minute chunk of novelty music."[3] gave the album 4-out-of-5 stars and concluded that it is a "fun throwaway album from a great band" but that its "lasting value... is debatable."[4] Likewise, called the record "fast and fun," with a "cool idea" but ultimately "too disjointed to be anything more than a one-listen novelty."[5]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Channel 1" ("Leave It All to Me", the theme song to iCarly) 1:12
2. "Channel 2" (Hungry Hungry Hippos jingle) 0:30
3. "Channel 3" (Theme song to Animaniacs) 1:05
4. "Channel 4" (McDonald's' jingle for the Big Mac) 0:23
5. "Channel 5" (Theme song to Diff'rent Strokes) 0:54
6. "Channel 6" ("Boss of Me", the theme song to Malcolm in the Middle) 0:40
7. "Channel 7" (General Mills' Pac-Man breakfast cereal jingle) 0:33
8. "Channel 8" (Theme song to Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!) 0:55
9. "Channel 9" (Kit Kat jingle) 0:11
10. "Channel 10" (Theme song to SpongeBob SquarePants) 0:43
11. "Channel 11" ("In The Street", the theme song to That '70s Show) 0:53
12. "Channel 12" (Oscar Mayer Weiners jingle) 0:30
13. "Channel 13" ("Love and Marriage", the theme of Married... with Children) 0:46
14. "Channel 14" (Toys "R" Us jingle) 0:28
15. "Channel 15" ("Making Our Dreams Come True", the theme from Laverne & Shirley) 1:15
16. "Channel 16" ( Pirate-themed restaurant jingle) 0:33
Total length: 11:30

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