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TV9 Mongolia (TV9)
TV9 LOGO mn.png
Owned by Media Holding
Slogan Your Television (Таны телевиз)
Country Mongolia
Broadcast area Central asia
Headquarters Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

TV9 Mongolia, or TV9, 2003 founded is a television broadcasting station in Mongolia. It is the largest private TV station in Mongolia behind the state-owned Mongolian National Broadcaster.

TV9 became the first channel in Mongolia to broadcast 24 hours a day. It has contracted correspondents in all 21 aimags.


TV-9 operates a radio station on FM 103.6. It broadcasts special musical programs, news programs, sport programs, shows and events, and training and scientific individual programs.


Gegeen alsiin odod, Mongolcomment, Dotno sedev

Public relations[edit]

TV9 is a member of The Asian Broadcasting Union, and also works with some international television stations such as Beijing TV, Hasag TV, Reuters, Russia 1, NTV, and Hulunbeir TV in Inner Mongolia.

TV9 has a relationship with USAID, with a goal to support countryside life and their small businesses.

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