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Launched 1996
Owned by TV Arbëria sh.a.
Audience share 8.2 % (2002, ISO)
Country Albania
Formerly called Tele Arbëria

TVA (Televizioni Arbëria or Telearbëria) is a defunct national frequency, privately owned television station based in Tirana, Albania. Founded in 1996, Tele Arbëria was one of the first private TV stations in Tirana and quickly became a major national leading channel in Albania. In fact, it was awarded national frequency status even though it covered only 30% of Albania with analogue signal.

However, in the 2000s, it became known for its instability and frequent change of staff and executive directors, which have caused a significant drop of its audience share in the market. As a result, it shut down due to bankruptcy in 2009 and its UHF frequency was sold to TV Klan. During 2007, there was significant progress in programming and continuous improvements lead to TVA becoming a more dynamic television channel with a wider attendance. Until recently TVA was part of the DigitALB TV package but as of 10 July 2009 the channel on the program guide of DigitALB was replaced by the news channel A1 TV.

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