TVB Anniversary Award for Best Supporting Actor

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TVB Anniversary Award for Best Supporting Actor
Awarded for "Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role"
Country Hong Kong
Presented by Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB)
First awarded 2003
Currently held by Raymond ChoShort End of the Stick (2016)
Official website

The TVB Anniversary Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role is one of the TVB Anniversary Awards presented annually by Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) to recognize an actor who has delivered an outstanding performance in Hong Kong television dramas throughout the designated year. This award was not introduced to the awards ceremony until 2003, six years after its establishment. The Best Supporting Actor award was first called the My Favourite Powerhouse Actor of the Year (本年度我最喜愛的實力非凡男藝員) in 2003. The name was changed to Best Actor in a Supporting Role (最佳男配角) in 2005.

Winners and nominees[edit]

TVB nominates at least ten actors for the category each year. The following table lists only the actors who have made it to the top five nominations during the designated awards ceremony. Top nominations were not announced in 2003, 2004, and 2015.

Table key
Award winner Indicates the winner


Year Actor Drama Role(s)
Paul Chun Award winner The King of Yesterday and Tomorrow Shum Shiu-hong
Chan Hung-lit dagger War and Beauty Imperial Doctor Suen Ching-wah
Ha Yu Award winner My Family Man Chiu-kit
Paul Chun Love Bond Kei Tin-man
Wayne Lai Scavengers' Paradise Tse Kwan-min
David Chiang Revolving Doors of Vengeance Fred Cheng
Kenneth Ma Into Thin Air Koon Ching-wan
Kenny Wong dagger The Dance of Passion Sung Tung-yeung
Wayne Lai Safe Guards Sheung Chung
Johnson Lee Welcome to the House Cheung Yat-moon
Chung King-fai The Dance of Passion Yim Kwok-yip
Jack Wu To Grow with Love Lam Koon-hei
Louis Yuen dagger Heart of Greed Ling Bor
Paul Chun Glittering Days Chu Tai-kat
Hui Shiu-hung Dicey Business Chow Fuk-wing
Wong Cho-lam Best Selling Secrets Lau Wah
Lawrence Ng Wai-kwok The Drive of Life Choi Chai-sang
Wayne Lai Award winner The Gentle Crackdown II Tai Chung-man / Tai Chung-mo
Tsui Wing Best Selling Secrets Tony Ko
Derek Kok Wars of In-Laws II CC Wong
Chow Chung Moonlight Resonance Chung Fan-dat
Him Law Your Class or Mine Fan Pui-tung
Michael Tse Award winner E.U. Leung Siu-tong (Laughing Gor)
Elliot Ngok The Gem of Life Martin Ho
Ngo Ka-nin Rosy Business Chiang Bit-man
Joseph Lee Beyond the Realm of Conscience General Ma Yuen-chi
Kenneth Ma Born Rich Sha Po-loi


Year Actor Drama Role(s)
Mak Cheung-ching Award winner No Regrets Leung Fei-fan
Ron Ng OL Supreme Ling Siu-kei (Ah K)
Dominic Lam A Fistful of Stances Wing Tak
Raymond Wong Ho-yin No Regrets Yeung Yeung
Ngo Ka-nin No Regrets Tong Kat (Sparerib)
Ben Wong Award winner Lives of Omission Tang Kwok-ban (Spicy Ginger)
Jazz Lam Ghetto Justice George Mike Jr. (MJ)
Derek Kok Lives of Omission SGT Szeto Hoi (Dog Head)
Ngo Ka-nin River of Wine Sung Chi-tsun
Joseph Lee Forensic Heroes III Luk Tsan-kwong (Rev Luminous)
Jerry Ku Award winner Divas in Distress So Gay
Power Chan The Confidant Pang Sam-shun
Hui Shiu-hung Award winner Bounty Lady Heung Sin-nam
Elliot Ngok Slow Boat Home Cheung Shing-mui
Kenneth Ma Triumph in the Skies II Roy Ko
Louis Yuen Brother's Keeper Lung Fei
Him Law The Hippocratic Crush II Dr. Yeung Pui-chung
Ram Chiang Award winner Come On, Cousin Ko Yam
Louis Cheung Black Heart White Soul Marco Ma
Hui Shiu-hung Line Walker Tam Foon-hei (Foon-hei Gor)
Power Chan Overachievers Lee Chau-kan
Edwin Siu Overachievers Yuen Siu-tin
Willie Wai Award winner Lord of Shanghai Mak Hon-lam
Raymond Cho Award winner Short End of the Stick Chan Siu-fung
Hugo Goh Brother's Keeper II Ko Tin-tsau
6-Wing Two Steps from Heaven Ted Koo


Most top nominations
Nominations Actor
3 Paul Chun
Wayne Lai
Kenneth Ma
Hui Shiu-hung
Ngo Ka-nin
Age superlatives
Record Actor TV drama Age (in years)
Oldest winner Hui Shiu-hung Bounty Lady 65
Oldest top nominee Chung King-fai The Dance of Passion 69
Youngest winner Louis Yuen Heart of Greed 40
Youngest top nominee Him Law Your Class or Mine 24

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