TVB Anniversary Award for Best Supporting Actress

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TVB Anniversary Award for Best Supporting Actress
Awarded for "Best performance by an actress in a supporting role"
Country Hong Kong
Presented by Television Broadcasts Limited
First awarded 2003
Currently held by Josie HoTomorrow Is Another Day (2014)
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The TVB Anniversary Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role is one of the TVB Anniversary Awards presented annually by Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) to recognize an actress who has delivered an outstanding performance in Hong Kong television dramas throughout the designated year. This award was not introduced to the awards ceremony until 2003, six years after its establishment. The Best Supporting Actress award was first called the My Favourite Powerhouse Actress of the Year (本年度我最喜愛的實力非凡女藝員) in 2003, In 2005, the name was changed to Best Actress in a Supporting Role (最佳女配角), and continues to use that name now.

Winners and nominees[edit]

The following is a list of the top 5–10 (depending on the year) nominated actress since 2003, with the winning actor listed first and in bold.


Year Actress Drama Role(s)
Sheren Tang The Threat of Love II Ding Yue-ying, Chu Sau-ping, Mei, Fong Yee-lei, Tung Sin-tung, and Cheung Fan
Sheren Tang War and Beauty Niuhuru Yu-yuet
Angela Tong Life Made Simple Lee Siu-ho
Rebecca Chan My Family Wong Mei-sin
Michelle Yim The Gentle Crackdown Kam Ying (Flying Eagle)
Christine Ng Wars of In-Laws Lung Hau-hau
Kiki Sheung The Charm Beneath Lee Nga-sin
Shirley Yeung Always Ready Nikki Chow
Kingdom Yuen Welcome to the House Ko Lai
Sharon Chan Trimming Success Choco Ko
Rebecca Chan Men in Pain Wong Tak-lan
Kiki Sheung Maidens' Vow Tung Daai-hei
Fala Chen Steps Karmen Ching
Leila Tong The Family Link Shu Siu-man
Florence Kwok On the First Beat WSGT Tong Jing-nga
Gigi Wong The Drive of Life Hui Sum-yan
Mary Hon Fathers and Sons Lee Daai-choi
Tavia Yeung Moonlight Resonance Suen Ho-yuet
Nancy Wu The Silver Chamber of Sorrows Ha Fei-fei
Fala Chen Moonlight Resonance Wing Kam
Kate Tsui Moonlight Resonance Camie Lo
Lee Heung-kam Moonlight Resonance Sheh Kwan-lai
Susan Tse Rosy Business Yan Fung-yee
Linda Chung The Gem of Life Elise Sung
Fala Chen The Stew of Life Charlie Ng
Susanna Kwan Beyond the Realm of Conscience Chung Suet-ha
Michelle Yim Beyond the Realm of Conscience Yuen Chiu-wan


Year Actress Drama Role(s)
Fala Chen No Regrets Lau Ching
Kara Hui A Fistful of Stances Cheung Sheung-chu
Elena Kong Beauty Knows No Pain Angela "Angela Auntie" Hung
Susanna Kwan Can't Buy Me Love Ting Loi-hei
Nancy Wu Gun Metal Grey Hui Man-sze
Sharon Chan Ghetto Justice Ho Lai-ching
Aimee Chan The Other Truth Iris Wong
Natalie Tong The Other Truth Cecilia "Bic C" Pun
Helen Ma The Other Truth Cheng Shuk-kuen
Nancy Wu Forensic Heroes III Eva Chow
Nancy Wu Gloves Come Off Ting Yan-chee
Mandy Wong L'Escargot Lau Siu-lan
Rachel Kan Master of Play Michelle
Mary Hon Three Kingdoms RPG Lady Choi
Christine Kuo Ghetto Justice II Lynette King
Florence Kwok King Maker Consort Wai
Eliza Sam Divas in Distress Hannah Heung
Law Lan The Last Steep Ascent Leung Mei-kuen
Elena Kong Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles Yvonne Yik
Aimee Chan The Confidant Princess Sau-chong Wo-shek
Elena Kong Triumph in the Skies II Heather Fong
Nancy Wu Triumph in the Skies II Coco Ling
Christine Ng Will Power Sheila Luk
Mandy Wong The Hippocratic Crush II Dr. Hung Mei-suet
Mary Hon The Hippocratic Crush II Sze Yuk-lam
Josie Ho Tomorrow Is Another Day Ting Ho-ho
Leanne Li Black Heart White Soul Scarlet Sze
Sharon Chan Line Walker Mok Sin-yan (Yan)
Elena Kong Line Walker Mok Sin-ching
Susanna Kwan Overachievers Lee Chau-ping

Awards record[edit]

Year Name Awarding Age Birth Date (YYYY/MM/DD) Notes
2003 Sheren Tang 37 years, 262 days 1966-03-02
2004 Sheren Tang 38 years, 262 days 1966-03-02
2005 Angela Tong 30 years, 142 days 1975-06-30
2006 Shirley Yeung 28 years, 95 days 1978-08-07
2007 Fala Chen 25 years, 266 days 1982-02-24 Youngest winner
2008 Tavia Yeung 29 years, 77 days 1979-08-30
2009 Susan Tse 56 years, 33 days 1953-11-01 Oldest winner
2010 Fala Chen 28 years, 284 days 1982-02-24
2011 Sharon Chan 32 years, 322 days 1979-01-17
2012 Nancy Wu 31 years, 99 days 1981-09-09

Oldest nominee[edit]

Year Name Awarding/Nominating Age Birth Date (YYYY/MM/DD) Notes
2012 Law Lan 78 years, 34 days 1934-11-13 Top 10
2012 Mary Hon 58 years, 169 days 1954-07-01 Top 10
2011 Helen Ma 64 years, 38 days 1947-10-28 Top 5
2011 Yvonne Lam 52 years, 230 days 1959-04-19 Top 15
2011 Mannor Chan 65 years, 30 days 1946-11-05 Top 15
2011 Ching Hor Wai 61 years, 56 days 1950-10-10 Top 15
2011 Gigi Wong 62 years, 56 days 1949-10-10 Top 15
2010 Susanna Kwan 52 years, 216 days 1958-05-03 Top 5
2010 Kara Hui 50 years, 305 days 1960-02-03 Top 5
2009 Susan Tse 56 years, 33 days 1953-11-01
2009 Michelle Yim 54 years, 93 days 1955-09-02 Top 5
2008 Lee Heung-kam 76 years, 307 days 1932-01-13 Top 5
2007 Gigi Wong 58 years, 38 days 1949-10-10 Top 5

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