TVB Anniversary Award for Most Improved Male Artiste

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TVB Anniversary Award for Most Improved Male Artiste
Awarded for"Most Improved Performance by a Male Artiste"
CountryHong Kong
Presented byTelevision Broadcasts Limited (TVB)
First awarded1998
Currently held byMatthew Ho (2018)

The TVB Anniversary Award for Most Improved Male Artiste is one of the TVB Anniversary Awards presented annually by Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) to recognize a male artiste who has delivered improving performances in Hong Kong television dramas or variety shows throughout the designated year.

The Most Improved Award was first introduced in 1998. It was separated into two categories—Most Improved On-screen Performance Award—Drama (螢幕大躍進獎—戲劇組) and Most Improved On-screen Performance Award—Non-drama (螢幕大躍進獎—非戲劇組), to individually recognize actors and variety presenters. The award was re-established in 2002, changing its name to My Favourite Most Improved Male Artiste of the Year (本年度我最喜愛的飛躍進步男藝員). In 2005, the name was changed to Most Improved Male Artiste (飛躍進步男藝員).

Winners and nominees[edit]

Table key
Award winner Indicates the winner
Nick Cheung won TVB's first Most Improved Artiste award for his performance in Secret of the Heart in 1998.
Moses Chan won in 2002 for his performance in Where the Legend Begins.
Raymond Lam won in 2003 for his performance in Survivor's Law.
Bosco Wong won in 2005 for his performance in Wars of In-Laws.
Jin Au-yeung won in 2011.
Louis Cheung won in 2014.


Year Category Artiste Work(s)
Nick Cheung Award winner Secret of the Heart
Chin Ka-lok Award winner The Super Trio Show


Year Artiste Work(s)
Moses Chan Award winner Where the Legend Begins
Raymond Lam Award winner Survivor's Law
Ron Ng Award winner Twin of Brothers
Bosco Wong Award winner Wars of In-Laws
Alex Fong My Family
Kenneth Ma Scavengers' Paradise
Sammul Chan The Academy
Raymond Cho Healing Hands III
Kenneth Ma Award winner The Herbalist's Manual, La Femme Desperado, Love Guaranteed, and To Grow with Love
Kevin Cheng Under the Canopy of Love and Trimming Success
Steven Ma Safe Guards and Land of Wealth
Michael Tse La Femme Desperado
Kenny Wong The Dance of Passion
Amigo Choi Award winner Scoop, E-Buzz, Jade Solid Gold, and Enjoy Yourself Tonight 2007
Wong Cho-lam Best Selling Secrets
Wong Chi-hing More Than Words, Mystery, and Go! Hong Kong, Go!
Stefan Wong Dicey Business and Steps
Lai Lok-yi Glittering Days, Ten Brothers, Heart of Greed, and The Green Grass of Home
Wong Cho-lam Award winner Best Selling Secrets, D.I.E., Super Trio Supreme, and Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2008
Johnson Lee The Gentle Crackdown II and Catch Me Now
Tsui Wing Best Selling Secrets and D.I.E.
Derek Kok Wars of In-Laws II, The Master of Tai Chi, D.I.E., Your Class or Mine, and Strictly Come Dancing: Cycle 2
Oscar Leung Wars of In-Laws II, The Gentle Crackdown II, Forensic Heroes II, Speech of Silence, and Your Class or Mine
Ngo Ka-nin Award winner Rosy Business and Sweetness in the Salt
Johnson Lee Just Love II and The Stew of Life
Raymond Wong Ho-yin When Easterly Showers Fall on the Sunny West, Sweetness in the Salt, and ICAC Investigators 2009
Raymond Chiu Off Pedder
Jim Tang Off Pedder


Year Artiste Work(s)
Raymond Wong Ho-yin Award winner A Watchdog's Tale, The Mysteries of Love, When Lanes Merge, Can't Buy Me Love, and No Regrets
Alex Lam Don Juan DeMercado, My Better Half, A Fistful of Stances, The Mysteries of Love, and A Pillow Case of Mystery II
King Kong Lee OL Supreme, No Regrets, and Super Trio Game Master
Joel Chan Don Juan DeMercado, OL Supreme, In the Eye of the Beholder, Sisters of Pearl, and A Pillow Case of Mystery II
Him Law Suspects in Love and Miss Hong Kong in India
Jin Au-yeung Award winner Big Boys Club, Show Me the Happy, Stairway to Dragon, Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir!, Lives of Omission, Kung Fu Supernova, and Top Eats 100
Lam Tsz-sin My Sister of Eternal Flower, Ghetto Justice, River of Wine, and Ghetto a la Spice
King Kong Lee Neighbourhood Gourmet and Super Snoops
Jason Chan Only You, Be Home for Dinner, and Dropping by Cloud Nine
Mat Yeung Twilight Investigation, Only You, Be Home for Dinner, My Sister of Eternal Flower, and The Other Truth
Oscar Leung Award winner L'Escargot, Queens of Diamonds and Hearts, House of Harmony and Vengeance, Tiger Cubs, The Confidant, and Big Boys Club
Vincent Wong Wish and Switch, Tiger Cubs, and Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles
King Kong Lee Let It Be Love, King Maker, Ghetto Justice II, Jade Solid Gold, Battle of the Senses, TV Funny, and Neighborhood Gourmet 2
Edwin Siu Daddy Good Deeds, Gloves Come Off, The Last Steep Ascent, The Confidant, and TV Funny
Him Law L'Escargot, The Hippocratic Crush, Tiger Cubs, and Divas in Distress
Vincent Wong Award winner Friendly Fire, Season of Love, Sergeant Tabloid, A Change of Heart, and Will Power
Benjamin Yuen A Change of Heart, Karma Rider, The Hippocratic Crush II, and Always and Ever
Jason Chan Chi-san Missing You, Will Power, Explore Hotels, and Dolce Vita
Edwin Siu A Great Way to Care II, Bullet Brain, and Brother's Keeper
Him Law A Season of Love, The Hippocratic Crush II, and Triumph in the Skies II
Louis Cheung Award winner Gilded Chopsticks, Black Heart White Soul, Sergeant Tabloid, Come On, Cousin, and The Voice 4
Sammy Sum Line Walker and All That Is Bitter Is Sweet
Tony Hung Outbound Love, Swipe Tap Love, Rear Mirror, and Pilgrimage to Football Meccas
Jason Chan Chi-san ICAC Investigators 2014, Black Heart White Soul, Shades of Life, Overachievers, Dolce Vita, and Quit to Win
Mat Yeung Come Home Love, Outbound Love, Storm in a Cocoon, Black Heart White Soul, and Shades of Life
Tony Hung Award winner Eye In the Sky, Every Step You Take, Captain of Destiny, World's Great Parties, and Not Far But Away
William Chak Officer Geomancer, Raising the Bar, Smooth Talker, Limelight Years, Every Step You Take, and Travel in Shikoku, Japan
James Ng Come Home Love, Jade Solid Gold, Music Power, Organized Dining, and JSG Selections 2015
Hugo Wong Madam Cutie On Duty, Raising the Bar, My "Spiritual" Ex-Lover, Smooth Talker, Limelight Years, and Momentary Lapse of Reason
Mat Yeung Madam Cutie On Duty, Momentary Lapse of Reason, Captain of Destiny, and Lord of Shanghai
Benjamin Yuen Noblesse Oblige and The Fixer
Jonathan Cheung Award winner The Last Healer in Forbidden City, House of Spirits, A Fist Within Four Walls, Spirits on Vacation
James Ng Jade Solid Gold, Organized Dining, Music Power, JSG Selections 2016: Part 1, Big Boys Summer
Matthew Ho Brother's Keeper II, Law dis-Order, No Reserve
Hubert Wu Blue Veins, Summer Holiday, Sermon by Ben Sir
Mark Ma Love as a Predatory Affair, Speed of Life, Short End of the Stick, Come Home Love: Dinner at 8, Presumed Accidents, Between Love & Desire, Inspector Gourmet
Bob Cheung Over Run Over, House of Spirits, Between Love & Desire, Daddy Dearest, Spirits on Vacation
Mat Yeung Award winner My Dearly Sinful Mind, Bet Hur, Love and Construction, All Work No Pay Holidays (Sr. 2)
Owen Cheung The No No Girl, Legal Mavericks, Hong Kong Gag Gag, Amazing Summer Splash
Matthew Ho May Fortune Smile On You, Tiger Mom Blues, A General, a Scholar, and a Eunuch, Tiger Mom Blues Returns
Luk Ho-ming Good Cheap Eats 6, Sir Ben Prop Guide, TVB Anniversary Gala, Young and Restless
Hugo Wong Recipes to Live By, Legal Mavericks, The Exorcist's Meter
Hubert Wu The Exorcist's Meter, My Ages Apart


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