TVB Anniversary Award for My Favourite Female Character

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TVB Anniversary Award for My Favourite Female Character
Awarded for "Outstanding performance by an actress for a television role"
Country Hong Kong
Presented by Television Broadcasts Limited
First awarded 2006
Currently held by Charmaine ShehLine Walker (2014)
Official website

The TVB Anniversary Award for My Favourite Female Television Role is one of the TVB Anniversary Awards presented annually by Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) to recognize an actress who has delivered an outstanding performance as a television role in Hong Kong television dramas throughout the designated year. The My Favourite Female Television Role (我最喜愛的電視女角色) was not introduced to the awards ceremony until 2006, nine years after its establishment.

The original equivalent of the award was called My Favourite Television Roles of the Year (本年度我最喜愛的電視角色), which was created in 2003. The award was given to 12 winners for both actors and actresses. In 2006, the award was divided into two separate gender categories and reduced to one specific winner.

Winners and nominees[edit]

The following is a list of the top 5–10 (depending on the year) nominated actresses since 2006, with the winning actor listed first and in bold.


Year Actress Drama Role(s)
Charmaine Sheh Maidens' Vow Ngai Yu-fung, Wang Chi-kwan, Jenny Pak, and Tai Sze-ka
Niki Chow Under the Canopy of Love Fiona Ko
Sheren Tang La Femme Desperado Hilda Hoi
Gigi Lai The Dance of Passion Kai Ming-fung
Myolie Wu To Grow with Love Tina Ho
Susanna Kwan Heart of Greed Wong Sau-kam
Charmaine Sheh Glittering Days Chu Yuk-lan
Louise Lee Heart of Greed Ling Hau
Linda Chung Heart of Greed Sheung Choi-sum
Gigi Lai The Ultimate Crime Fighter Wong Jing-ying
Louise Lee Moonlight Resonance Chung Siu-hor
Charmaine Sheh Word Twisters' Adventures Naplan Ching-ching
Susanna Kwan Moonlight Resonance Chung Siu-sa
Fala Chen Moonlight Resonance Wing Kam
Linda Chung Legend of the Demigods Gai Choi-chi (Sister Ho Choi)
Tavia Yeung Beyond the Realm of Conscience Yiu Kam-ling
Teresa Mo Off Pedder Yan Sheung
Sheren Tang Rosy Business Hong Po-kei
Charmaine Sheh You're Hired Lam Miu-miu
Beyond the Realm of Conscience Lau Sam-ho


Year Actress Drama Role(s)
Charmaine Sheh Can't Buy Me Love Princess Chiu-yeung
Tavia Yeung The Mysteries of Love Tsui Siu-lai
Teresa Mo Some Day Tseng Kiu
Linda Chung Can't Buy Me Love Ng Sei-tak
Sheren Tang No Regrets Cheng Kau-mui (Miss Kau)
Myolie Wu Ghetto Justice Kris Wong
Linda Chung Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir! Carman "Miss Cool" Koo
Fala Chen Lives of Omission WSIP Jodie "Madam Jo" Chau
Maggie Cheung Ho-yee Forensic Heroes III Dr. Mandy Chung
Aimee Chan Forensic Heroes III Angel Chiang
Kate Tsui Highs and Lows Pat Chan
Charmaine Sheh When Heaven Burns Hazel "Yan" Yip
Niki Chow Bottled Passion Tsui Sum
Tavia Yeung The Hippocratic Crush Dr. Fan Tsz-yu
Tavia Yeung Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles Hong Tsz-kwan
Fala Chen Queens of Diamonds and Hearts Chung Mo-yim
Myolie Wu Ghetto Justice II Kris Wong
Kristal Tin King Maker Yim Sam-leung
Eliza Sam Divas in Distress Hannah Heung
Michelle Yim The Confidant Empress Dowager Chee-hei
Kristal Tin Brother's Keeper Yiu Man Ying
Sharon Chan Friendly Fire Ngai Mei Sun
Niki Chow Sergeant Tabloid Lui Fei Hap
Tavia Yeung The Hippocratic Crush II Dr. Fan Tsz-yu
Joey Meng Inbound Troubles Yik Suet Fei
Fala Chen Triumph in the Skies II Holiday Ho
Myolie Wu Triumph in the Skies II Summer Koo
Ivana Wong Inbound Troubles Ng Chi Ching
Louise Lee Reality Check Lau Tsui Wan
Priscilla Wong Reality Check May Hui
Aimee Chan Slow Boat Home Kate Cheng
Nancy Wu Triumph in the Skies II Coco Ling
Esther Kwan Always and Ever Phoenix Yeung
Linda Chung Brother's Keeper Rachel Cheuk
Kate Tsui Bounty Lady Sing Fa Lui
Charmaine Sheh Line Walker
Michelle Yim Coffee Cat Mama
Aimee Chan Outbound Love
Nancy Sit Queen Divas
Tavia Yeung Storm in a Cocoon
Priscilla Wong Swipe Tap Love
Selena Li Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain
Kristal Tin Black Heart White Soul
Louisa So Rear Mirror
Josie Ho Tomorrow is Another Day
Linda Chung Tiger Cubs 2
Mandy Wong Tiger Cubs 2
Ivana Wong Come on, Cousin
Susanna Kwan Overachievers
Nancy Wu Overachievers

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