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TVB Star Awards Malaysia
2017 TVB Star Awards Malaysia
Awarded for Excellence in television
Country Malaysia
Presented by TVB Entertainment News, Astro Wah Lai Toi, MY FM
First awarded 8 January 2005

The TVB Star Awards Malaysia (Chinese: TVB 马来西亚星光荟萃颁奖典礼) is an annual awards ceremony honoring Cantonese programming achievements in Malaysia. It is produced by TVB Entertainment News, with Astro and MY FM as media partners. The ceremony was previously known as the My AOD Favourites Awards (Chinese: MY AOD我的最爱颁奖典礼), which succeeded the Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards (Chinese: Astro华丽台电视剧大奖).

The Malaysian television channel Astro Wah Lai Toi, presented by Astro, airs Hong Kong television programmes produced by TVB. In 2005, Astro organised its first awards ceremony, the 2004 Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards, presenting awards to Hong Kong actors and actresses for their acting achievements in TVB television dramas. TVB Entertainment News took over the production of the awards series in 2013, renaming it The TVB Star Awards. It has since become an annual event, and is regarded as a prelude to Hong Kong's TVB Anniversary Awards.[1] The most recent awards show took place on 28 November 2015.

The nominations for the TVB Star Awards are jointly determined by Astro and TVB for TVB programmes shown on Astro Wah Lai Toi throughout the designated year. Winners are decided by the Malaysian public. Presently, voting is done through a mobile app produced by TVB and Astro.[2]


Current categories[edit]

Current award categories include: My Favourite TVB Drama Series,...Actor and ...Actress in a Leading Role, ...Actor and ...Actress in a Supporting Role, ...Drama Characters, ...On Screen Couple, and ...Drama Theme Song. These categories have been awarded since 2004. In 2011, My Favourite Most Improved TVB Actor and Actress categories were added. In 2013, My Favourite TVB Host In a Variety Program, ...Variety Program, and ...Enrichment Program awards were added bringing the total to thirteen My Favourite TVB awards.

Discontinued or special categories[edit]

Discontinued or special categories include: Most Unforgettable Slap in 2004. In 2005, categories included: My Favourite Gunshot, My Favourite Beauty, My Favourite Father-figure, and My Favourite Mother-figure. Most Unforgettable Kiss category was awarded in 2004 and 2008. My Favourite Supporting Character and My Favourite Extreme Appearance were awarded between 2006 and 2008 inclusive. Most Unforgettable Scene was awarded for the years 2004–2008. Most Unforgettable Villain was awarded in 2004, 2008 and 2009. My Favourite Legendary Character and My Favourite Outstanding Popularity King were awarded in 2012. Rising TVB Star in Malaysia was awarded in 2014 and Astro MY FM’s Special Pick for TVB Drama Theme Song was awarded in 2015.

Honorary awards[edit]

The TVB Star Achievement Award was first awarded in 2014.


Year Favourite Drama Favourite Performance
Leading Supporting Most Improved
Actor Actress Actor Actress Actor Actress
2017 Legal Mavericks Michael Miu
Line Walker: The Prelude
Jessica Hsuan
My Unfair Lady
Joel Chan
The Unholy Alliance
Elaine Yiu
The Unholy Alliance
Matthew Ho Zoie Tam
2016 A Fist Within Four Walls Ruco Chan
A Fist Within Four Walls
Nancy Wu
A Fist Within Four Walls
Mat Yeung
My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan
Joyce Tang
House of Spirits
Jonathan Cheung Moon Lau
2015 Captain of Destiny Ruco Chan
Captain of Destiny
Kristal Tin and Nancy Wu
Ghost of Relativity
Benjamin Yuen
The Fixer
Elaine Yiu
Raising the Bar
Mat Yeung Tracy Chu
2014 Line Walker Roger Kwok
Black Heart White Soul
Charmaine Sheh
Line Walker
Hui Shiu-hung
Line Walker
Sharon Chan
Line Walker
Sammy Sum Samantha Ko
2013 Triumph In the Skies II Julian Cheung
Triumph In the Skies II
Linda Chung
Brother's Keeper
Him Law
Triumph In the Skies II
Nancy Wu
Triumph In the Skies II
Benjamin Yuen Eliza Sam
2012 The Hippocratic Crush Kenneth Ma
The Hippocratic Crush
Tavia Yeung
The Hippocratic Crush
Him Law
The Hippocratic Crush
Nancy Wu
Gloves Come Off
Oscar Leung Mandy Wong
2011 Ghetto Justice Kevin Cheng
Ghetto Justice
Myolie Wu
Curse of the Royal Harem
Raymond Wong Ho-yin
Twilight Investigation
Sharon Chan
Ghetto Justice
Vincent Wong Nancy Wu
2010 Can't Buy Me Love Moses Chan
Can't Buy Me Love
Charmaine Sheh
Can't Buy Me Love
Ngo Ka-nin
No Regrets
Fala Chen
No Regrets
2009 Moonlight Resonance Raymond Lam
Moonlight Resonance
Charmaine Sheh
Forensic Heroes II
2008 Heart of Greed Moses Chan
Heart of Greed
Louise Lee
Heart of Greed
Hui Shiu-hung
Dicey Business
2007 Forensic Heroes Roger Kwok
Life Made Simple
Gigi Lai
The Dance of Passion
Wayne Lai
Safe Guards
2006 Wars of In-Laws Moses Chan
The Gentle Crackdown
Myolie Wu
Wars of In-Laws
Raymond Cho
Healing Hands III
2005 War and Beauty Raymond Lam
Twin of Brothers
Charmaine Sheh
War and Beauty
2004 Square Pegs Roger Kwok
Square Pegs
Flora Chan
Triumph In the Skies

Favourite TVB Drama Characters[edit]

Year My Favourite TVB Drama Characters Notes
2017 Top 17
2016 Top 16
2015 Selena LiBrick Slaves

Wayne LaiLord of Shanghai
Louis CheungMomentary Lapse Of Reason'
Tavia YeungMomentary Lapse Of Reason'
Rosina LamMomentary Lapse Of Reason'
Priscilla WongMadam Cutie On Duty
Ben WongRaising the Bar
Elaine YiuRaising the Bar
Benjamin YuenThe Fixer
Mandy WongThe Fixer
Kristal TinGhost of Relativity
Nancy WuGhost of Relativity
Him LawYoung Charioteers
Ruco ChanCaptain of Destiny
Tony HungCaptain of Destiny
Linda ChungLimelight Years

Top 16
2014 Ruco ChanOutbound Love

Tavia YeungStorm in a Cocoon
Bosco WongThe Ultimate Addiction
Nancy WuThe Ultimate Addiction
Kenneth MaGhost Dragon of Cold Mountain
Selena LiGhost Dragon of Cold Mountain
Roger KwokBlack Heart White Soul
Michael MiuLine Walker
Charmaine ShehLine Walker
Raymond LamLine Walker
Sharon ChanLine Walker
Benz HuiLine Walker
Linda ChungAll That is Bitter is Sweet
Kate TsuiTomorrow Is Another Day
Him LawTiger Cubs II

Top 15
2013 Wong Cho LamInbound Troubles

Bosco WongA Change of Heart
Francis NgTriumph in the Skies II
Julian CheungTriumph in the Skies II
Chen FalaTriumph in the Skies II
Myolie WuTriumph in the Skies II
Ron NgTriumph in the Skies II
Nancy WuTriumph in the Skies II
Ruco ChanBrother's Keeper
Edwin SiuBrother's Keeper
Linda ChungBrother's Keeper
Kristal TinBrother's Keeper
Kenneth MaThe Hippocratic Crush II
Tavia YeungThe Hippocratic Crush II
Mandy WongThe Hippocratic Crush II

Top 15
2012 Him LawThe Hippocratic Crush

Ron NgL'Escargot
Linda ChungWitness Insecurity
Kate TsuiHighs and Lows
Michael TseSergeant Tabloid
Kenneth MaThe Hippocratic Crush
Roger KwokQueens of Diamonds and Hearts
Tavia YeungThe Hippocratic Crush
Raymond LamHighs and Lows
Wayne LaiThe Confidant
Bosco WongWitness Insecurity
Kevin ChengGloves Come Off
Myolie WuGhetto Justice II
Ruco ChanNo Good Either Way
Moses ChanMaster of Play

Top 15
2011 Julian CheungThe Rippling Blossom

Moses ChanYes, Sir. Sorry, Sir!
Linda ChungYes, Sir. Sorry, Sir!
Kevin ChengGhetto Justice
Ruco ChanThe Other Truth
Tavia YeungThe Other Truth
Kenneth MaThe Life and Times of a Sentinel
Michael TseLives of Omission
Chen FalaLives of Omission
Bosco WongLives of Omission
Raymond LamMen with No Shadows
Wayne LaiForensic Heroes III
Kate TsuiForensic Heroes III
Ron NgForensic Heroes III
Myolie WuCurse of the Royal Harem

Top 15
2010 Tavia YeungThe Mysteries of Love
Raymond LamThe Mysteries of Love

Steven MaGhost Writer
Charmaine ShehCan't Buy Me Love
Linda ChungGhost Writer
Kevin ChengA Fistful of Stances
Wayne LaiNo Regrets
Kenneth MaA Fistful of Stances
Moses ChanCan't Buy Me Love
Sheren TangNo Regrets

Top 10
2009 Roger KwokD.I.E

Steven MaA Journey Called Life
Ha YuMoonlight Resonance
Moses ChanMoonlight Resonance
Raymond LamMoonlight Resonance
Wayne LaiThe Gentle Crackdown II
Kevin ChengLast One Standing
Myolie WuWar of In-Laws II
Sonija KwokD.I.E
Linda ChungA Journey Called Life
Charmaine ShehForensic Heroes II
Louise LeeMoonlight Resonance

Top 12
2008 Myolie WuTo Grow With Love

Bobby Au-yeungDicey Business
Jessica HsuanDicey Business
Tavia YeungDicey Business
Joe MaMaidens' Vow
Bosco WongThe Price of Greed
Moses ChanHeart of Greed
Louise LeeHeart of Greed
Ron NgOn the First Beat
Charmaine ShehThe Drive of Life
Raymond LamThe Drive of Life
Linda ChungHeart of Greed

Top 12
2007 Moses ChanLand of Wealth

Sonija KwokLand of Wealth
Gigi LaiThe Dance of Passion
Charmaine ShehThe Dance of Passion
Roger KwokLife Made Simple
Michael TseLa Femme Desperado
Raymond LamLa Femme Desperado
Sheren TangLa Femme Desperado
Myolie WuWar and Destiny
Steven MaSafe Guards
Bosco WongUnder the Canopy of Love
Kevin ChengUnder the Canopy of Love

Top 12
2006 Raymond LamFood For Life

Charmaine ShehFood For Life
Kevin ChengFood For Life
Julian CheungShades of Truth
Moses ChanLove Bond
Bernice LiuLove Bond
Nick CheungThe Last Breakthrough
Sonija KwokThe Last Breakthrough
Roger KwokScavengers' Paradise
Ron NgRevolving Doors of Vengeance
Myolie WuWars of In-Laws
Bosco WongWars of In-Laws

Top 12
2005 Raymond LamTwin of Brothers

Ron NgTwin of Brothers
Julian CheungPoint of No Return
Myolie WuDream of Colours
Kevin ChengHard Fate
Ada ChoiTo Catch The Uncatchable
Dayo WongTo Catch The Uncatchable
Roger KwokTo Get Unstuck in Time
Sheren TangWar and Beauty
Gigi LaiWar and Beauty
Maggie CheungWar and Beauty
Charmaine ShehWar and Beauty

Top 12
2004 Gallen LoGolden

Bowie LamVigilante Force
Joyce TangArmed Reaction IV
Bobby Au-yeungArmed Reaction IV
Roger KwokSquare Pegs
Jessica HsuanSquare Pegs
Flora ChanTriumph In The Skies
Francis NgTriumph In The Skies
Nancy SitVirtues of Harmony
Charmaine ShehPerish in the Name of Love

Top 10


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