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TVN Entertainment Corporation is a US-based provider of video on demand (VOD) services to various cable, telecommunication and direct broadcast satellite (DBS) companies. The company currently provides more than 8,000 hours of content available in a given month.[1]

VOD Virtual Networks[edit]

In addition to offering programming from Hollywood studios, major cable and subscription networks, TVN offers nine exclusive VOD-only networks:

  • Ambient TV
  • Caught On Demand
  • Eurocinema
  • The Karaoke Network
  • Kids Unlimited
  • Music Unlimited
  • Telecentral
  • UrbanXtra


TVN created a proprietary system called ADONISS to create and manage metadata for the programs TVN offers. This metadata is used to build the on demand menus customers see on their cable systems, as well as to help the systems manage the flow of content.[2] ADONISS was nominated for a Technical Emmy in 2007.[3]

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