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TVS Group
Industry Conglomerate
Founded 1911
Founder T. V. Sundaram Iyengar
Parent T. V. Sundaram Iyengar & Sons

TVS Group is an Indian diversified industrial conglomerate with its principal headquarters located in Madurai and presence across the Globe. Almost all holdings of the group are private. The largest and most visible subsidiary is TVS Motor Company, the third-largest two-wheeler manufacturers in India. TVS Group, with group revenue of more than US$6 billion, is an automotive conglomerate company, specialized in manufacturing of two-wheeler, three-wheeler, auto-electricals components, high tensile fasteners, die casting products,dealership business, brakes, wheels, tyres, axles, seating systems, fuel injection components, electronic and electrical components and many more.


From its beginnings at the turn of the 20th century, TVS Group has grown to become the largest manufacturer and distributor of auto components in India.[citation needed] T V Sundram Iyengar and Sons Private Limited is the holding company of the TVS Group; the founder was Thirukkurungudi Vengaram Sundram Iyengar.


Management of almost all companies is by family members. Most of the group companies maintain a low profile and follow a conservative management style.[1]

Notable companies in the group[edit]

TVS Srichakra: Leading manufacturer of two and three wheeler tyres in India. It was started as an independent company without any joint venture with any other foreign company. It is one of the fastest growing company in the TVS group with complete range of two and three wheeler tyres. It is market leader in the original equipment manufacturing segment and one of major player in the after market segment.

TVS Motor Company: The flagship company. It was started as a Joint Venture between Sundaram Clayton, a group company, and Suzuki Motors, Japan. Subsequently the partners went their separate ways. Revenue was approximately US$1.76 billion in 2006-2007. Headed by Venu Srinivasan.

ZF Electronics TVS (India) Private Limited (Formerly TVS Cherry Private Limited)[2]

Sundram Fasteners: The company is the biggest maker of industrial fasteners in India.[3]

TVS Infotech (TVSi): TVSi[4] is an Enterprise Solutions provider for industries like Manufacturing, Automotive, Trading & Distribution and Engineering & Construction.

Dealership Business (TVS & Sons): TVS& Sons[5]

Sundaram Finance: The financial services arm of the group was established in 1954. It owns majority or substantial stakes in Royal Sundaram Alliance General Insurance Company, Sundaram BNP Paribas Mutual Fund and Sundaram BNP Home Finance Limited. It also has subsidiaries for the distribution of financial products, BPO and IT related fields. It has revenues of approx. Rs.600 crores in 2006-2007 with a workforce more than 2000. It is headed by T.T.Srinivasaraghavan.[citation needed]

Sundaram Infotech: The wholly owned IT Subsidiary of Sundaram Finance Ltd., sells enterprise resource management solutions to mid-sized companies through Microsoft Dynamics (AX, NAV, CRM, and LS Retail). Sundaram Infotech flogs vertically oriented ERP solutions in Manufacturing, Retail & Distribution, Trading & Logistics, Automotive, New Seed (Agro) and Financial services.

T V Sundram Iyengar & Sons Pvt Ltd (Telecom & Networking Division): started with the manufacturing of value adding components such as electronic connectors, RF connectors, cable assemblies, fibre optic products and other accessories for telecommunication, consumer electronics and automobile industries.

Delphi TVS: Manufactures fuel injection components for diesel engines in collaboration with Delphi Automotive, U.S.A. at its manufacturing facilities located at Mannur, Chennai, around 38 km from Chennai.

Wheels India: The company manufacturers automotive wheels and air suspension in collaboration with Titan Plc, UK. It had revenues of Rs.2000 crores in 2015-16. It is headed by Mr. S. Ram.

Axles India: A subsidiary of Wheels India, the company manufactures axles used in commercial vehicles. It is headed by S.Ram. It had revenues of Rs.300 crores in 2006-2007.

Brakes India: The company manufactures automotive brakes, iron castings and plastic moulding. It has manufacturing facilities at 6 locations. It is headed by S.Viji. It had revenues in excess of Rs.1000 crores in 2006-2007.[citation needed]

Turbo Energy Limited: Manufactures turbo chargers for diesel engines in collaboration with BorgWarner Turbo Systems, U.S.A. at its manufacturing facilities located at Pulivalam, around 100 km from Chennai.

Other companies[edit]

  • Sundaram Textiles Limited[6][7]
  • Transenergy Limited
  • Delphi-TVS Diesel Systems Limited
  • India Japan Lighting Private Limited
  • TVS Automotive Europe Limited
  • India Motor Parts & Accessories Limited
  • TVS Autoparts Private Limited
  • India Nippon Electricals Limited
  • IRIZAR TVS Private Limited
  • TVS Electronics Limited
  • Lakshmi Auto Components Limited
  • TVS Credit Services Limited
  • Lucas Indian Service Limited
  • TVS Interconnect Systems Limited
  • TV Sundram Iyengar & Sons Pvt. Limited(TND)
  • Lucas-TVS Limited
  • TVS Lanka Private Limited
  • Southern Roadways Limited
  • TVS Motor Company Limited
  • TVS Next, India
  • Sundaram Brake Linings Limited
  • Sundaram-Clayton Limited
  • TVS Sewing Needles Limited
  • Sundaram Dynacast Limited
  • TVS Srichakra Limited
  • T V Sundram Iyengar & Sons Limited
  • Sundaram Industries Limited
  • TVS Sundram Fasteners Limited
  • TVS Upasana Limited
  • Anusha Investments Limited, Chennai
  • Holding company : Sundaram-Clayton Limited, Chennai
  • Ultimate Holding Company : T V Sundaram Iyengar & Sons Limited, Madurai
  • Fellow subsidiaries : TVS Motor Company Limited, Chennai
  • Sundaram Auto Components Limited, Chennai
  • TVS Motor (Singapore) Pte. Limited, Singapore
  • TVS Motor Company (Europe) B V, Amsterdam
  • PT.TVS Motor Company Indonesia, Indonesia
  • TVS Energy Limited, Chennai
  • TVS Investments Limited, Chennai
  • TVS Electronics Limited, Chennai
  • Tumkur Property Holdings Limited, Chennai
  • Prime Property Holdings Limited, Chennai
  • TVS-E Access (India) Limited, Chennai
  • TVS-E Servicetec Limited, Chennai
  • TVS Capital Funds Limited, Chennai
  • Sravanaa Properties Limited, Chennai
  • Southern Roadways Limited, Madurai
  • Sundaram Industries Limited, Coimbatore
  • The Associated Auto Parts Limited, Mumbai
  • TVS Interconnect Systems Limited, Coimbatore
  • TVS Logistics Services Limited, Chennai
  • Lucas-TVS Limited, Chennai
  • Sundaram Textiles Limited,Coimbatore
  • NSM Holdings Limited, Coimbatore
  • TVSNet Technologies Limited, Coimbatore
  • TOR Projects & Services Limited, Coimbatore
  • NK Telecom Products Limited, Coimbatore
  • NK Telesystems Limited, Coimbatore
  • TVS Automotive Europe Liimted, UK
  • TVS CJ Components Limited, UK
  • TVS Logistics Iberia S.L., Spain
  • TVS Logistics Siam Limited, Thailand
  • TVS Autoserv GmbH, Germany
  • TVS Logistics Investment UK Limited, UK
  • YeleStre Holdings Limited, UK
  • Multipart (Holdings) Limited, UK
  • Multipart Solutions Limited, UK
  • IH Crick Property Co Limited, UK
  • Msys Software Solutions Limited, UK
  • Globe Dynamics Limited, UK
  • Globe Transport Products Limited, UK
  • TVS Dynamic Global Freight Services Limited, Chennai
  • TVS Commutation Solutions Limited, Chennai
  • Lucas Indian Service Limited, Chennai
  • TVS Automotive Systems Limited, Chennai
  • Iranian Automotive Systems, Iran
  • Sundram Non-Conventional Energy Systems Limited, Chennai
  • Madras Auto Service
  • Sundaram Motors
  • Sundarams Limited
  • Sundaram Charities
  • Rico Group, UK
  • ABI Showatech India Limited
  • Simtech india pvt ltd
  • Harita NTI Ltd
  • TVS Next, India

TV Sundram Iyengar & Sons Pvt. Limited(TND)

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