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Industry Telecommunication
Fate Merged with ZON Multimédia
Founded Porto, Portugal (1999 (1999))
Defunct 2009 (2009)
Products Direct broadcast satellite, cable television

TVTEL (TVTEL Comunicações, S.A.) was a Portuguese digital satellite and cable pay television service provider. The satellite service started on June 26, 2007, and it was on the Eurobird 9 satellite, broadcasting FTA and Conax-encrypted channels for the entire Europe. It was bought by ZON Multimédia in early 2009 and subsequently closed by it by merging its operations with ZON in late 2009.

Spor TV controversy[edit]

Around February 2007, SportTV stopped broadcasting to TVTEL subscribers, causing a major outcry. SportTV justified the move by stating that TVTEL hadn't already start broadcasting exclusively with digital encryption. TVTEL later placed a caption on the channel saying "A SportTV não deixa que a TVTEL cresca, por que será?" (SportTV doesn't allow TVTEL to grow, how come?). It is worth mentioning that SportTV is 50% owned by former competitor (then its new owner) ZON TVCabo.

This controversy was somewhat similar to that of Virgin Media vs BSkyB.

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