TVU Music Television

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TVU Music Television
TVU TV.png
Launched 2001
Owned by Spirit Communications
Slogan Where Music Is Going
Country United States
Broadcast area National
Headquarters Westerville, Ohio, USA
Sister channel(s) RadioU

TVU Music Television (or simply TVU) is a commercial-free, Christian rock television network which broadcasts through the Internet, Sky Angel and KTV. TVU began in 2001, and is owned and operated by Spirit Communications Incorporated, and is a fully non-profit, listener-supported station. A fund-raiser, called Unleash the Music, is held twice a year to raise the funds of TVU and its radio extension, RadioU.

TVU's target audience is people from ages 12–24 and is known for its Christian message, as well as anti-drugs, anti-violence and anti-drunk driving messages.[1]


TVU airs different shows, aside from its normal programming:

The logo at the top right corner of the broadcast indicates which program is playing. If no special program is playing, the standalone "TVU" logo appears. A logo consisting of an electrical battery is displayed for the Battery program, while the text "Most Wanted" or "One Mil" can be seen when either show plays.


TVU is available 24/7 online at no charge in a 240p low-definition television format via the TVU Website.[5] It consists of an Advanced Stream Redirector (.asx) stream that must be played in a compatible program, such as Microsoft Silverlight, VLC media player or Windows Media Player.

One can pay for a higher quality, standard-definition television format at 480p. This can be received via satellite television or Internet Protocol Television (IPTV). Satellite users have a more limited option: they must watch KTV on Dish Network, which only broadcasts TVU programming from 1:00am – 5:00am ET. IPTV users can watch TVU 24/7 worldwide by subscribing to any Sky Angel programming pack, and by either using a set-top box or simply accessing Sky Angel's website with a NeuLion-compatible computer.[6]


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