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TV or television is a telecommunication medium for transmitting and receiving moving images and sound.

TV may also refer to:

Arts and entertainment:


Science and technology:

  • Television set, a device used to view television broadcasts
  • .tv, the country code top-level domain of Tuvalu
  • TV Seastar, a jet aircraft
  • Fokker T.V, a World War II bomber aircraft
  • Shutter priority or TV, a setting on cameras that allows the user to choose a shutter speed
  • Teravolt, a multiple of the SI derived unit of electrical potential, the Volt
  • Tidal volume, the normal amount of air inspired and expired at rest

Other uses:

  • T–V distinction, a contrast, within one language, between second-person pronouns
  • Virgin Express (IATA airline code TV)
  • Transvestite, a person who habitually dresses in cross-sex clothing without intention to medically or hormonally transition to that sex

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