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Aichi Prefecture, Japan
CityNagoya, Aichi
ChannelsDigital: 23 (UHF, Nagoya)
26 (UHF, Toyohashi)
Virtual: 10
AffiliationsTXN Network
OwnerNikkei, Inc. (19.9%)
First air dateSeptember 1, 1983
Call sign meaningJOAiChI
Former channel number(s)Analog (1982–2011):
25 (UHF, Nagoya)
52 (UHF, Toyohashi)

The Aichi Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (abbreviated name: TVA, Japanese: テレビ愛知株式会社, romanizedTerebi Aichi kabushiki gaisha) is a TV station in Nagoya, Japan. It is known as "TV Aichi". It is a network TV station of TXN.


Analog (as of 11/07/24 end date)[edit]

JOCI-TV (1983/09/01-11/07/24)

  • Nagoya: Channel 25
  • Toyohashi: Channel 52


JOCI-DTV (2003/12/01)

  • Channel ID 10
  • Nagoya: Channel 23
  • Toyohashi: Channel 26

Programmes (Times in JST)[edit]

Now on air[edit]

  • Pretty Cure (18:00) - anime television series, aired over Japan
  • Aikatsu! (18:30) - anime television series, aired over Japan
  • Nogizaka tte, Doko? (24:00) - variety show, aired over Japan [1]
  • PriPara (10:00) - anime television series, aired over Japan
  • Naruto - anime television series, aired over Japan


in Aichi Prefecture[edit]

all over Japan[edit]

Rival TV stations in Nagoya[edit]