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TV Brasilia, channel 6, is a television station of the Brazilian media group Diários Associados, in Brasília, DF. It is an affiliate of RedeTV!

In the capital Federal beyond TV Brasília, members control the newspapers Correio Braziliense Here and DF, the Radio Club AM and FM and portal Web Mail


TV Brasilia, whose name pays tribute to the then new federal seat of government, was founded by the Associated Newspapers of Assis Chateaubriand, on the same day that the country is now officially live with its new capital: April 21, 1960. It was founded with the TV and TV Daybreak National extinct in 2007, and the newspaper Correio Braziliense. It is the only station of the city not directly linked to the major networks.

Until 1980, was one of the networks own Network Tupi, one of the few who escaped forfeiture of grant sought by the military regime in the stations of Tupi in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belém, Belo Horizonte, Fortaleza, Porto Alegre and Recife . He belonged to several people connected to Members.

The station produced several programs, which to date are discussed by viewers. One was the "Carousel", produced in an amateur in the auditorium of the former headquarters of the station, in (W / 3 South), and had a team of featured presenters, who were different numbers of children. Aired from 1980 to 1991, and was passing along with the now defunct TV Goyá of Goiania by 1987. [2]

Due to the extinction of the Rede Tupi, along with other broadcasters, which until then connected to the defunct, will transmit the programming of the King (Independent Broadcasting Network), led by TV Record and also by TVS River, both attached to the host Silvio Santos, future owner of the Sistema Brasileiro de Televisão (SBT).

With the emergence of SBT, TV Brasilia becomes one of its major affiliates until 1986 when issuing Paulista, gets an award for Channel 12 which was published in the Official Gazette, after which the TV Brasília affiliated to the former Manchete, becoming the leading affiliate network carioca, producing, including network news programs (7:30 Brasília, Telemanhã and Telemanchete local newspaper appears to 19h00).

In terms of journalism, TV Brasília showed several journalists, among them are Ana Paula Padrão, Liliane Cardoso, among others. [edit] Headline Center Network

From 1987 to 1996, the station was called Manchete Center for transmit its signal via microwave to Goiania (which had no radio station affiliated with the Headline) repeater on channel 11, a partnership of Associated Newspapers with the local Makro Advertising . The channel 6 was the head-of-network. His slogan was: Manchete Center - Brasília, channel 6. Goiania, channel 11.

The partnership was almost shattered in 1995, but ended up lasting until 1999, with the failure of Headline. For lack of choice, since all the other networks have their own stations in the city, and CNT have already suffered some decline, the TV Brasília just following the transition to TV! After RedeTV!.

TV Brasília Exchange from Rede TV! to Rede 21 in 2003[edit]

On 1 June 2003, surpeendendo the advertising market, the network is the RedeTV! because the quality of programming, and becomes the first affiliate of the newly formed network of 21 Grupo Bandeirantes de Comunicação, previously focused only to São Paulo. The partnership results in a more qualified programming, but with less commercial return.

In 2006, accompanying the change of Network 21, which is now called PlayTV and to be led by fuzilamento, linked to one of the sons of President Lula. This membership lasts until the 7th of May 2007, when he begins to display a grid with local programs, programs of Live Earth channel, editions of the news Band News, keeping the air just two programs PlayTV: The Official 10 "and block "Otacraze.

TV Brasilia replaced by various owners[edit]

TV Brasilia have stayed in the hands of several business until in January 2008 when the Diários Associados will once again have control of the station.

TV Brasília, almost an affiliate of CNT[edit]

In November 1995, the Diários Associados came to sell the station to the Minister of Agriculture and owner of the former Banco Bamerindus, José Eduardo de Andrade Vieira, who owned 49% of the shares of Central National Television (CNT). At the same time, the entrepreneur, as a crisis that soon would lead to bankruptcy, selling its shares in CNT and TV Brasília back to Members, without having changed the flag.

TV Brasília sold shelter Organizações Paulo Octavio[edit]

Sold by Members on 21 June 2001, seven years, the Organizações Paulo Octávio was responsible for its management, so investing in journalism and mass digitization of transmission.

On January 23, 2008, through AlterosaTV, the Associated Newspapers buy 50% equity stake in TV Brasília, belonging to organizations Octavio Paulo. With the transaction, AlterosaTV took control of the management of the business and the commercial and editorial authority.

With the acquisition, returns to TV Brasília Associates Midwest, that the Federal District also owns the newspaper Correio Braziliense and DF Here, the Internet portal and Web Mail Club FM radio and AM Radio Club. The technical manager AlterosaTV, Luis Eduardo Leon, took the TV Brasília as superintendent, accumulating the position he holds in Minas Gerais. The idea is to do the same in Brasilia currently taking place in Minas Gerais, with the integration of group companies and the resulting synergy between TV, Internet and newspaper.

With the acquisition, the Associated Midwest will again have the ideal portfolio to work in the sector: TV, radio, print or Internet portal.

On May 29, 2008, an agreement was signed rechartering TV Brasilia with the Rede TV! made official at the headquarters of Associated Newspapers Midwest and attended by the president and owner of Network TV!, Amilcare Dallevo Junior, the president of Associated Newspapers, Álvaro Teixeira da Costa, the deputy governor of the Federal District and partner network, Paulo Octavio, and the superintendent of TV Brasilia, Luis Eduardo Leon

Thus, the 1st of June 2008, the station was re-affiliate RedeTV!, After five years.

The commercial partnership between the two stations, the TV schedule Brasilia merging local production with programs on national television, thus the inhabitants of the Federal District have been given a varied program of entertainment and information quality.

Because of local programs, some attractions of the station Paulo, like "TV Sports News" and "News of the 7" were not displayed.

In February 2009 TV Brasília changes its grid location on prime time and replaced the display from 7 News, which due to its low ratings, would be out three months later.


TV Brasilia covers most of the Federal District through the VHF channel 6 on the frequency 87.7 FM Cable on channel 18 of NET and its satellite city of São Sebastião through UHF channel 44 beyond the Gamma and Santa Maria through the channel 54 UHF, and cover some cities of Goiás state, which lie in the surrounding areas of Brasilia, the same channel 6 Valparaíso, Alexandria, Aguas Lindas de Goias, Taiwan Planaltina Goiás Padre Bernardo (Mimoso Goiás), the channel 54 (New Gamma), and the channel 56 (Crystal and Luziânia). Its signal reaches even the region of Serra da Mesa through the channel 10 (Uruaçu).