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TV Chile
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Owned by Televisión Nacional de Chile
Picture format 4:3 (576i, SDTV)

TV Chile (literally in English Chilean Television) is a television network that transmits shows from Santiago, Chile. TV Chile is the international signal of Television Nacional de Chile (literally in English National Broadcasting of Chile).


TV Chile's first transmission happened in 1974, making the channel a relatively new channel among Hispanic television networks. During the 1970s, the channel grew. TV Chile was able to bring some international stars and develop its programming.

Despite all of their success nationally during the 1980s and 1990s, TV Chile remained basically as one of the least known Hispanic networks during those decades.

Things would change radically for the network during the 2000s, when it made a contract with DirecTV, which allowed TV Chile to reach over 140 countries worldwide, which roughly constitutes 66 percent of the world's countries.

The television's current programming consists basically of variety and music shows, as well as programs dedicated to tourism, comedy and news.

After signing the contract with DirecTV, TV Chile became one of the few television channels to broadcast shows to the Antarctic.

In the year 2000, TV Chile was able to reach Australia for the first time by means of a paid subscription with TARBS. The service has been intermittently operating, as once TARBS shut down operations in 2004, UBI World TV began carrying it. The channel is currently being transmitted in the region via Luso Vision.


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