TV Disc Jockey

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TV Disc Jockey
Presented by John Godson
Country of origin Australia
Location(s) TCN-9 Willoughby, New South Wales
Original network Nine Network
Followed by Accent on Youth

TV Disc Jockey was an early Australian television music program which is notable as it later evolved to become the Australian version of Bandstand. It aired on the Nine Network's TCN-9 from 1957 to 1958. The series originally consisted of host John Godson playing records (with the visual consisting of the record going round), later a live band joined and then the series began to accompany the records by inviting young people into the studio to dance to the music.[1] In 1958 it changed its title to Accent on Youth.

Although kinescope recording had been invented, it is not known if any of the live episodes were recorded, and the series is possibly lost (Hit Parade, a Seven Network series which started 1957 in which hit recordings were danced to and lip-synced by the cast, does have preserved episodes,[2] as do later 1950s variety series like The Bobby Limb Show (1959-1961) which featured live music).


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