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TV Finland
TV Finland logo.png
Launched 1986
Closed June 30, 2013 (via satellite)
Owned by Yleisradio
Picture format 576i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Language Finnish
Broadcast area Sweden and Finland
Formerly called Finlands TV (FTV) (1986-1997)
Digital terrestrial Channel 84 (around Stockholm)

TV Finland is a Finnish television channel available on some cable television networks in Sweden. The channel was originally created for free-to-air broadcast in Sweden as part of a reciprocal agreement between the Finnish and Swedish governments that also established SVT Europa (originally named TV4 in Finland) broadcasts in areas of Finland with Swedish-speaking populations. As of 2006 it is broadcast on terrestrial free-to-air television in parts of Sweden, but due to the digital switchover it threatens to stop both broadcasts.


TV Finland is offered by Finland's national broadcaster Yle, and its contents are taken from programs regularly broadcast on public channels Yle TV1, Yle TV2 and Swedish language Yle Fem.

Most of the programming consists of locally made productions and national sports events, and does not include commercials (any commercial breaks or gaps between consecutive programs are filled with on-screen stills). It includes the Yle teletext service.

On digital electronic programme guides, the Swedish titles for the programmes are used regardless of their original/main language.

TV Finland via satellite[edit]

Despite being owned by public broadcaster Yle, TV Finland is not a free-to-air channel: it can be received only through a subscription to private broadcaster Canal Digital, which includes both a fee for the access card and an annual viewing fee. TV Finland was stop broadcasting via satellite in summer 2013, and started broadcasting only in Sweden.

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