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TV Ilegal
Genre Live-action
Created by Agustín Rosario
Starring Herbert Cruz
Ivonne Arriaga
Noris Joffre
Lizmarie Quintana
Abraham Martí (2006-2007)
Ángel Figueroa
Edgardo "El Bebo" Adames
Carlos Ramírez
Opening theme TV Ilegal Theme
Ending theme TV Ilegal Theme (Instrumental)
Country of origin Puerto Rico
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of seasons 4
Executive producer(s) Agustín Rosario
Location(s) WAPA-TV Studios
Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 60 minutes (including commercials)
Distributor WAPA-TV
WAPA América
Original network WAPA-TV
First shown in Puerto Rico
Original release 2006 (2006) – May 13, 2009 (2009-05-13)
Followed by Noche Ilegal (2012-2015)
Related shows TV Ilegal: El Especial (2011)
TV Ilegal: El Especial 2 (2012)

TV Ilegal, stylized as TV [i]lεgal, was a Puerto Rican comedy and parody/satire television show broadcast on WAPA-TV from 2006 to 2009. The show parodied both local and international shows and people such as local shows, telenovelas, variety shows and others. Most of the cast had previously worked on Sálvese Quien Pueda on Telemundo.

The show's cast featured comedians Herbert Cruz, Ivonne Arriaga, Noris Joffre, Lizmarie Quintana, Abraham Martí, Ángel Figueroa, Edgardo "El Bebo" Adames and Carlos Ramírez. The show was considered as an equivalent of Saturday Night Live, which both featured parodies and other comedy skits. In 2007, Abraham Martí left the show to pursue music and acting opportunities in Spain and abroad. On May 13, 2009, the show broadcast its last episode due to no advertisement revenue to pay the actors. After a week of cancellation, a few of the cast members moved the show's format to Cadena Salsoul in Radio Ilegal.

TV Ilegal aired two specials broadcast in Telemundo on November 2011 and early 2012.

TV Ilegal returned to television to Univision Puerto Rico on October 1, 2012 on Noche Ilegal. Herbert Cruz, Lizmarie Quintana, Ivonne Arriaga, Abraham Martí and Ángel Figueroa return as part of the cast, but not Noris Joffre, Carlos Ramirez nor Edgardo "El Bebo" Adames. The show ended in 2015.

TV show parodies[edit]

Parody Original Description
Noti-Jierro a las 10:00 Noticentro a las 10:00 It has been the most popular parody due to the parody of Pedro Rosa Nales, whose catchphrase (Oye! Eso 'ta bueno!) is also what made the parody very popular and funny. This parody was featured before in Sálvese Quien Pueda with both actors and previously called No Te Entra El 4 Al Amanecer.
Caso Enterrado Caso Cerrado Portrays a parody of Dr. Ana María Polo with a very suggestive lesbian inclination presiding the court and awarding the case to the defendant, which usually was a young and beautiful woman.
Ahora Podemos Gufiar Ahora Podemos Hablar Its host, Carmen Jodet, is often portrayed as a biased host who often questioned her guests if they were linked to Kobbo Santarrosa, with whom the real Carmen Jovet has had many feuds. Santarrosa's La Comay often criticized Jovet's ethics over her interviewing methods.
SuperExplosivo SuperXclusivo
El (Anti-)Show de Maripilly Original sketch Maripilly's talk show.
Sabado Picante Sabado Gigante
Que Mala Suerte con Marrano Que Suerte This parody did not continue when Hector Marcano signed a 2-year contract with CaribeVisión on January 13, 2009 after being fired from Univision Puerto Rico; Marcano's show was renamed Fenomenal. When Fenomenal went on the air, a new parody was launched with a similar name.
Prison de Castro Break Prison Break Introduced after the arrest of senator Jorge de Castro Font.
Ghost Whisky Ghost Whisperer Introduced when WAPA-TV started airing Ghost Whisperer.
Gay Anatomy Grey's Anatomy Introduced when WAPA-TV started airing Grey's Anatomy.
El Gran Caso De Aníbal Original sketch Aníbal Acevedo Vilá case on electronic fraud accusations.

Parodies of famous people[edit]

A list of famous people (Puerto Rican, or International). These are the people that get their own skit, rather than appear "inside" main show parodies.

Parody Original Description
Maripilly Maripily Puerto Rican model/entrepreneur. She is a disoriented model who never correctly remembers names and when corrected from a verbal error she replies: "También" ("That too").
Titi Luz Ruth Fernández She is shown as a woman in need of money. Supposedly the original person stole money from the House of the Artist fund, which was underway for construction.
Chick Marie Flemminn Cyd Marie Flemmin News anchor from Univision Puerto Rico.
Héctor Marrano Hector Marcano Host of Que Mala Suerte con Marrano.
Los Rayos Grama Los Rayos Gamma An ode to the original group, the parody also satirized current events.
Pedro Fosas Nasales Pedro Rosa Nales Co-anchor of Notijierro a las 10:00. The most popular parody for his catchphrase: "Oye! Eso ta' bueno!".
Luz Melena Verde Luz Nereida Vélez Co-anchor of Notijierro a las 10:00 alongside Pedro Fosas Nasales on. Portrayed as an unpleasant person who makes unfunny jokes.
Carlos El Weber Carlos Webber News reporter from Univision Puerto Rico, portrayed as a bulldog.
Carmen Jodet "La Jodet" Carmen Jovet Constantly whines about Kobbo Santarrosa's "supposed plot" to out throw her from television and often accuses her guests of conspiring with Santarrosa.
Charrytín Charytín Very hyper character who talks very rapidly as the original.
La Comadre La Comay Abraham Martí originally played La Comadre using his own face and not a mask, while Herbert Cruz portrayed Héctor Atravieso (parodying Héctor Travieso). After Martí left, Cruz took over as La Comadre using a mask like the original, but not accompanied by an Héctor Travieso parody.
Ana María Pollo "La Jueza" Ana María Polo Mostly parodied for her apparent lesbian sexual orientation.
Romy Sesgarra Rommy Segarra Parodied his sports-informing styles.
Felipe Culán Felipe Durán Constantly advertising fake, weird and funny products.
Rubén Cháncez Rubén Sánchez Interviewed real life guests while he used various and unusual pens, a parody to the actual reporter's pen-pointing interviewing style.
De Castro "El Kagateca" Jorge de Castro Font Introduced after the senator was arrested.
Luis Flojuño Luis Fortuño Governor of Puerto Rico. Days after winning Fortuño won the 2008 gubernatorial election, the people who created the parody changed it constantly until the parody suddenly disappeared.
El Gobe Aníbal Aníbal Acevedo Vilá Governor of Puerto Rico.
Eduin Irizarry Mota Edwin Irizarry Mora Candidate for Governor of Puerto Rico in the 2008 elections for the Puerto Rican Independence Party.
Rojelio Figueroa "Sonrisitas" Rogelio Figueroa Candidate for Governor of Puerto Rico in the 2008 elections and the 2012 elections for the Puerto Ricans for Puerto Rico Party.
Silita "La Gobe" Sila María Calderón First woman to become Governor of Puerto Rico.
Magali Pebles/Flejes Magali Febles Always whines about her Miss Puerto Rico franchise going in bankruptcy or being fired by Donald Trump.
Pedro Torero Pedro Toledo Superintendent of the PRPD; parodied with bull characteristics.
Luis Ra Luis Raúl Portrayed with a very big nose like Luis Raúl's.
El Hámster El Gangster A parody of No te Duermas frontman, Antonio Sánchez "El Gángster". Constantly used his catchphrase: "Ea Rayo!".
Sila Marea Sila María González Calderón Daughter of Sila María Calderón.
Donald Trump Business magnate of the same name Mostly parodied for Miss Puerto Rico Universe "scandals" against Magali Pebles.
Rotto Pendejaimer Otto Oppenheimer Introduced when television signal changed programming to digital.
Nicolás Coyeras and Sergio Santa Claus Nicolás Nogueras and Sergio Peña Clos Parodies of politic analysts who often appeared on Que Mala Suerte and then on Frescomenal.
Miguel Totto Miguel Cotto Was interviewed by Héctor Marrano on to start a line of Totto cleaning products.

Former parodies[edit]

Parody Original Reason
Miss Borinquen Universe Miss Puerto Rico Universe Parodied for the Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2008 pageant.
Por La Morona Por La Corona WAPA-TV reality TV show in search for the next Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2009.
Objetivo Mala Fama Objetivo Fama Original reality competition got cancelled.
No Te Jiendas No te Duermas Original show ended December 30, 2008 after 18 years broadcast on air.
La Ex-Clavá Isaura La Esclava Isaura Its run on WAPA-TV ended.
Entre Nojotras Entre Nosotras Not a favorable parody. Noris Joffre parodied herself while she was on the original show.
Los Simp-son ni ton The Simpsons Not a favorable parody.
Tercera Plana Primera Plana Parody was previously A Calzón Chillao' to the original show A Calzón Quita'o. Discontinued after the original show got cancelled on WAPA-TV's broadcasting program and moved to CaribeVisión as "Rubén Sánchez: En Directo".
Primer Infarto Primer Impacto Parodies of the anchorwomen were unfunny.
¿Quién Pierde la Razón? ¿Quién Tiene la Razón? Unknown reason.
Escandalo TuVe Escandalo TV Unknown reason.
Desafiando a los Ochentosos Desafiando a los Genios Unknown reason.
Noti-Esnú Original sketch A sketch of two reporters stripping their clothes completely and then censored. It was discontinued mainly and solely because of the suggestive nudity.
Criskina Cristina Saralegui Few times parodied.
Calle 14 Calle 13 Only appeared once.
La Super Yadirota Yadia Hidalgo "La Super Yadira" Mainly parodied during the Maripily/Super Yadira scandal.
Ana Ay Anaís Unknown reason.
Gloria La Puerca Trevi Gloria Trevi Only appeared once.
Ivy King Ivy Queen Unknown reason.
Gisin & Jandel Wisin & Yandel Unknown reason.
Elvichu Crespo Elvis Crespo Only appeared once, later appeared again with a different name to parody his single "Me Gusta, Me Gusta" and afterwards appeared again for the parody of when he apparently masturbated in a flight from Houston to Miami.
Mary Jann Mary Ann Objetivo Fama season 3 finalist. Unknown reason.
Guillermo Guillermo Torres Mary Ann's then-lover, now husband. Unknown reason.
Chucho Avellana Chucho Avellanet Sang current songs in the form of boleros. Not a favorable parody.
Fernando Arao Fernando Arau Duérmete América was never again parodied.
Gisel Mamery Gricel Mamery Not a favorable parody.
Churry Yuri This parody hosted the parody of Objetivo Fama (Objetivo Mala Fama) until the original reality show replaced Yuri in its 6th and last season.
Mark Anthony Marc Anthony Unknown reason.
Don Omar Reggaetón singer of the same name Parodied for his wedding with now ex-wife Jackie Guerrido.
Daddy Panti Joe Daddy Yankee Parodied during the time a 2008 political debate took place, where the youth asked questions to the candidates running for Governor of Puerto Rico.
Olga Cañón Olga Tañón Unknown reason.
El Che Güebara Che Guevara Parodied at the time the movie El Che was released.
Chucha & Ezquifanio Susa & Epifanio Both parodies were unfavorable.
Pa' Que Te Lo Roces Pa' Que Te Lo Goces Unknown reason.

Special guests[edit]

Special guests included local personalities, politicians, musical guests, among others.


  • Javier del Valle
  • Agustín Rosario (Executive Producer and Artistic Director)
  • Edmee Rivera (General Producer)
  • Pedro Juan Rios
  • Carlos Ramirez


Due to no advertisement revenue to pay the actors, the show was cancelled. The last show was on May 13, 2009 at the regular time but not live like it usually is.[1]


Radio spin-off[edit]

As of May 21, 2009, producer Agustín Rosario rose up TV Ilegal from television to radio. And this is because after only a week from its cancellation, the TV Ilegal posse are now continuing their parodies on a radio show on Cadena Salsoul (98.5 FM), from 12pm-2pm, called Radio Ilegal. Rosario now hosts the radio show and leads it with actors Herbert Cruz, Noris Joffre, Lizmarie Quintana, and other talents that parody television and political people. The new TV Ilegal now consists of a weekday radioshow, that still parodies in its own comedy way as it did when broadcast on air.

Uno Radio Group Chain President, Luis "Tuto" Soto, said: "While workshops are being closed down, we have the venture and the insanity to produce because we believe in the local (Puerto Rican) talent and we have faith in those here. And we are sure that the public will receive that talent".

Agustín Rosario said that the radio show will keep the parody concept of different figures of the political and entertaintment areas, but with the "benefit that people can imagine them (the characters), because they have already seen it on television".

Rosario commented: "Cancellations are lamentable because we are in a moment where the people are going through an economical and emotional state. And taking away the comedy is not a good decision. I don't want to add anything more to this topsy-turvy, but the only thing I have to say is all my worries have been let known.[2]

The favorite parodies are still being heard like Pedro Fosas Nasales, Maripilly, La Jueza, Charrytín, La Comadre, etc.

Television specials[edit]

On November 2011, TV Ilegal returned to television with a special broadcast in Telemundo. The special did not include Noris Joffre, who worked in WAPA at the time. A second television special was aired in 2012 again on Telemundo introducing new parodies such as Dando Manigueta (Dando Candela), the Gricel Mamery/Javier Ceriani incindent at the Fiestas de la calle San Sebastián, José Ortiz "El Buen Samaritano", a clairvoyant claiming he spoke to the spirit of murdered child Lorenzo González Cacho; the Manny Manuel car accident/incident and Dinga & Matraca (Minga & Petraca). Old favorite parodies also appeared such as Pedro Fosas Nasales and Maripilly.

Return to TV[edit]

After more than three years, TV Ilegal returned to television to Univision Puerto Rico on October 1, 2012 as Noche Ilegal (stylized as NOCHE [i]LEGAL). Herbert Cruz, Lizmarie Quintana, Ivonne Arriaga and Ángel Figueroa reprise each of their parodies and introduce new ones as well; Abraham Martí was briefly part of the cast but left afterwards. Noris Joffre and Edgardo "El Bebo" Adames are the only two cast member from the original TV Ilegal to not return. Episodes ran for 30 minutes, including commercials, airing weekly nights. They were initially hosted by various local celebrities, politicians or artists, later hosted by Gricel Mamery. Noche Illegal was the final show left in its programming block after Univision Puerto Rico discontinued most of its local workshops including the morning, noon and afternoon news. The show was ultimately cancelled in 2015.


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