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TV Land Awards' logo with the network's previous logo

The TV Land Awards was an American television awards ceremony that generally commemorated shows now off the air, rather than in current production as with the Emmys. Created by Executive Producer Michael Levitt, the awards were hosted and broadcast by the TV Land network from 2003–2012 and then returned to the air in 2015 and 2016. No TV Land awards show was scheduled for the spring of 2017.

Awards are given in various categories (which change slightly from year to year) and originally included awards voted on by visitors to TV Land's website; they are given to both individual actors/actresses and to entire television series. The TV Land Award statuettes are made by New York firm, Society Awards.

In March 2013, TV Land announced that there would be no TV Land Awards for that year.[1] A network spokesman said, "We love the TV Land Awards and think there is great value in the franchise, but we will not be producing the show this spring.” After skipping 2014 as well, the Awards returned on April 18, 2015. For the 2016 ceremony, the awards were renamed the "TV Land Icon Awards". The ceremony has not been staged since that year.

Dates, Hosts and Venues[edit]

Ceremony Date Host Venue
1st Annual TV Land Awards March 12, 2003 John Ritter Hollywood Palladium, Hollywood, California
2nd Annual TV Land Awards March 17, 2004 Brad Garrett
3rd Annual TV Land Awards March 16, 2005 Cedric the Entertainer Barker Hangar, Santa Monica Airport, Santa Monica, California
4th Annual TV Land Awards March 22, 2006 Megan Mullally
5th Annual TV Land Awards April 22, 2007 Kelly Ripa
6th Annual TV Land Awards June 15, 2008 Vanessa L. Williams
7th Annual TV Land Awards April 26, 2009 Neil Patrick Harris Gibson Amphitheatre, Universal City, California
8th Annual TV Land Awards April 25, 2010 Tim Allen Sony Pictures Studios, Culver City, California
9th Annual TV Land Awards April 17, 2011 Jane Lynch[2] Javits Center, New York City
10th Annual TV Land Awards April 29, 2012 Kelly Ripa[3] Lexington Avenue Armory, New York City
The 2015 TV Land Awards April 18, 2015 Terry Crews[4][5] Saban Theatre, Beverly Hills, California
TV Land Icon Awards 2016 April 17, 2016 George Lopez[6] Barker Hangar, Santa Monica Airport, Santa Monica, California


The following table summarizes the recipients of TV Land's "Discretionary Awards", which do not include any of the awards voted on by viewers (which are generally awarded to actors/actresses or characters).

Year Host Award Recipient Presented by
2003 John Ritter Future Classic American Dreams Paula Abdul
Groundbreaking Role Diahann Carroll as Julia Halle Berry
Innovator All in the Family Kathy Bates
Legend The Dick Van Dyke Show Matthew Perry and Ted Danson
Pop Culture Star Trek Mira Sorvino
Superest Superhero Lee Majors as The Six Million Dollar Man Maureen McCormick and Davy Jones
2004 Brad Garrett Future Classic Arrested Development Liza Minnelli
Groundbreaking Show The Mary Tyler Moore Show Ben Stiller and Eric McCormack
Legend The Andy Griffith Show Billy Bob Thornton
Fan-tastic Phenomenon Farrah Fawcett Arsenio Hall and Ed McMahon
Pop Culture Gilligan's Island Rudy Boesch, Tina Wesson, Jenna Morasca, and Rob Cesternino
Visionary Chico and the Man George Lopez
Superest Superhero Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman Chad Everett and Jane Seymour
Favorite "Big, Bad Momma" Vicki Lawrence as Thelma Harper
2005 Cedric the Entertainer Future Classic Desperate Housewives Teri Hatcher
Icon The Bob Newhart Show Ray Romano
Legend The Carol Burnett Show Garry Shandling
Little Screen/Big Screen Star Sally Field Eva Longoria
Pioneer Aaron Spelling Peggy Lipton, Michael Cole, Jaclyn Smith, Gavin MacLeod, Bernie Kopell, Joan Collins, Jason Priestley, Luke Perry, Tori Spelling, Jennie Garth, Stephen Collins and Catherine Hicks
Pop Culture Soul Train Little Richard, Smokey Robinson, Ashanti, Mýa and Stevie Wonder
Favorite Airborne Character(s) Tim Daly, Steven Weber
100th Birthday Charles Lane Haley Joel Osment
2006 Megan Mullally Future Classic Grey's Anatomy Jeremy Piven
40th Anniversary Batman William Shatner
Impact Good Times Quentin Tarantino
Legend Cheers Mary Tyler Moore
Little Screen/Big Screen Star Hilary Swank Robert Downey Jr.
Pop Culture Dallas John Schneider and Tom Wopat
Pioneer Sid Caesar Billy Crystal
TV's Greatest Music Moment Diana Ross
Concert in Central Park (1983)
Megan Mullally
2007 Kelly Ripa The Medallion Award Taxi Sharon Stone
The Legacy of Laughter Lucille Ball Kirstie Alley and Carol Burnett
The Entertainers Hee Haw k.d. lang, The Judds and Willie Nelson
Future Classic Heroes Leonard Nimoy and Luke Wilson
30th Anniversary Roots Forest Whitaker and Morgan Freeman
Pop Culture The Brady Bunch Valerie Bertinelli, Mackenzie Phillips and James Lipton
TV's Greatest Music Moment Sonny & Cher
Sonny & Cher on Late Night with David Letterman (1987)
2008 Vanessa L. Williams Future Classic The Office Ed Asner and William Shatner
Icon Lionel Richie Samuel L. Jackson
Innovator Roseanne Teri Hatcher
Legend Garry Marshall Dick Van Dyke, Jack Klugman, Cindy Williams, Penny Marshall and Henry Winkler
The Lucille Ball Legacy of Laughter Mike Myers Justin Timberlake
Pioneer Jonathan Winters Robin Williams
Pop Culture The Golden Girls Steve Carell
2009 Neil Patrick Harris 30th Anniversary Knots Landing Reba McEntire
Entertainer Earth, Wind & Fire Angela Bassett
Fan Favorite Home Improvement Jamie Lee Curtis
Future Classic Two and a Half Men Teri Hatcher
Hero Magnum P.I. Matthew McConaughey
Icon ER Neil Patrick Harris
Impact M*A*S*H Martin Sheen
Innovator Married... with Children Dr. Phil
The Lucille Ball Legacy of Laughter Julia Louis-Dreyfus Amy Poehler
Legend Don Rickles Jimmy Kimmel
Pop Culture Sid and Marty Krofft Will Ferrell
2010 Tim Allen 30th Anniversary Bosom Buddies Jay Leno
Fan Favorite The Love Boat Jane Leeves, Wendie Malick and Betty White
Future Classic Glee Paula Abdul
Icon Blondie Jane Lynch
Impact Everybody Loves Raymond Bob Newhart
Legend Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner Billy Crystal
Pop Culture Charlie's Angels Pamela Anderson
2011 Jane Lynch Fan Favorite Family Ties Ben Stiller
Icon Hall & Oates Paul Reiser
Impact The Cosby Show Stevie Wonder
Legend Regis Philbin Barbara Walters
Pop Culture The Facts of Life Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves and Wendie Malick
35th Anniversary Welcome Back, Kotter Jane Lynch
Tribute to Classic TV Housewives The Real Housewives of New York City
2012 Kelly Ripa Fan Favorite Laverne & Shirley Katie Couric
Groundbreaking In Living Color Whoopi Goldberg
Icon Aretha Franklin John Legend
Impact Murphy Brown Kelly Ripa
Innovator One Day at a Time Fran Drescher
Pop Culture Pee-wee's Playhouse Mike Myers
2015 Terry Crews Fan Favorite Parenthood Minka Kelly and Martin Sheen
Groundbreaking Ally McBeal Lauren Graham
Impact The Wonder Years Paula Abdul
Legend Betty White Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves and Wendie Malick
Pop Culture Donny Osmond and Marie Osmond Sutton Foster and Nico Tortorella
15th Anniversary Freaks and Geeks Carl Reiner


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