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TV Magazine is a weekly French television listings magazine, owned by the Le Figaro group.

History and profile[edit]

TV Magazine was started in 1987.[1] The magazine had been published by Hachette Filipacchi until 2001 when it began to be published Quebecor World Inc.[2] It is part of the Le Figaro group.[3]


TV Magazine sold four million copies in October 1998.[4] It was the second best-selling television magazine worldwide with a circulation of 4,489,000 copies in 2001.[5] In 2006, the magazine had a circulation of 5,329,711, having suffered a small decline from 5,677,411 copies in 2002.[6] The circulation of the magazine was 5,152,112 copies in 2014.[7]

Other uses[edit]

'TV magazine' is also used in English-speaking countries as a generic name for any television listings magazine.


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